Guess who?!

Well hello there!!!

Yah, I realize I haven't been very vocal here the past few months, but I'm here now! I can't believe we're into 2015 now. So crazy. Knitting has of course taken hold and really, that's the main reason I've been so quiet here. Work knitting has kept me very very busy. So of course, I can't complain! The market went oh so well, and Christmas was lovely.

Our little family headed to Alberta for a few days between Christmas and New Years, and then my little man turned 7 on the 3rd! How on earth do they grow up so fast? Oh my heart. But I was strong. No tears. ;)

And now comes the much needed routine! I've been making a few changes here at home. I am no longer offering knitting classes through the cloth castle, rather I'll be doing private lessons, and mini classes.

It has been a very rainy few days here on the Island. And today is no different. So on this dark, dreary, & cozy day I'll be baking bread and of course, knitting ;)

Tell me, how were your holidays? Anything memorable happen? Have you started off the new year with any selfish knitting? Do tell, I really have missed you! xo

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