hey hey!

I'm back!! Did you miss me?

Our little anniversary getaway was so so wonderful! Really, just what we needed. Both Les and I felt really relaxed afterwards. It was just amazing to be together and not have to be anywhere else.. so SO lovely..

'course, the view was just breathtaking... and that is always a bonus! We could have watched the ocean for hours.... (I think we did). At any rate, I feel pretty certain that this needs to happen more than once every 10 years. ;)

And now it's back to reality. Which isn't so bad :) I've got a fast approaching market, which I'll share with you this week, and Les is already off to sea until Friday. (but home only for the weekend).

So I feel ready to tackle this busy month, and my knitting needles will be clicking away furiously! (for real, I just made a pot of coffee, and it's 8pm!)

Tell me, are you preparing for any holiday markets? What do you have on your needles? I am already looking forward to casting on a selfish knit this winter! xo


  1. That looks like a lovely break!
    I currently have a charity baby sweater on the go, and a big crochet blanket... I am so tempted to cast on a hat to keep me warm in the coming winter months though too! Normally I am a monogamous knitter, but no... I think that may change this winter!

  2. I'm so glad you guys had such a great time! Black Rock is pretty spectacular and I'm itching to go back myself :)

  3. Welcome home ... couple time is precious and it looks like you both enjoyed every second. Happy knitting!

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