the huntress

i have another f.o for you!!! 
this one, i know most of you recognize. it's the huntress vest. more commonly referred to as the katniss cowl. 

i've actually never seen the second movie.. where she's wearing this fabulous vest/cowl that EVERYBODY in the knitting, fibre arts, crochet community just HAD to have. i heard you could tell who the knitters were in the theatre, because they all gasped when they saw it. ha.
i know there are a lot of variations out there on this pattern. i have to say, i'm pretty pleased with this one. 

i love the detail of the chunky stitches...

it's a combination of knitting and crochet. most of the pieces are crocheted.... and you actually use a single crochet stitch to seam everything together. genius and speedy!!! 

most of you probably know that i tend to be most productive under pressure. i seem to thrive on overfilling my plate, and just keep adding things to it. i don't really know why, because i'm often wishing for "free time" to sit and knit. wait. i'm always knitting.... bahahahah i clearly just want more hours in my day, not because i feel overwhelmed, but because there's so much more i want to do!
hahaha. anyways, back to the point. 
productive under pressure.. yah. (i might have pushed this one out in 3 days... and it wasn't the only thing on my needles in that timeframe)

needles: 15mm/US 19 
hook: 17mm & 8mm
yarn: lion brand thick & quick in grey marble 3.5 skeins

i had to go up a hook size to get better gauge. and really, i like the look of the stitches more in the fatter hook. with the herringbone stitch, i ended up casting on 34 stitches, to get the proper size of the finished garment.
other than that, i really didn't make any other modifications. 

if you are into uber chunky projects, check out alexandra's designer's page on ravelry! very cute stuff there!

as i mentioned before, it's a quick project! i love it heaps! (too bad this one isn't for me).... it's incredibly warm, and would totally put on an edgy style in the cooler months! 
i'll definitely be making more!! now where did i put my bow? xo


  1. Ohhhh love! I made one for a friend as well from a different pattern that's all crochet... though you used the pattern I wanted to use! For some reason at the time I wanted it it wasn't available and I was on a timeline! I also want to make one for myself....

    1. oh that's strange it wasn't available... hmmm but now you can make one for you!! xo

  2. This turned out so fabulous Becca! Great job!!

  3. I've been trying to come up with a way to justify making one for myself, haha. I haven't seen the second movie either. I feel like it would just be a pain to get in and out of over a light coat or whatever just so it looks good and sort of keeps me warm. I'm sure I'll find some suitable justification. :D

    1. hahah. i think you should just make one for yourself. there. it's justified ;) and it was super easy to put on and off.. not a pain at all! i want to make one for me too!!

  4. This looks amazing!!!! I love how thick and squishy it looks :)

  5. I've seen a few of these amazing vests/cowls surfacing around Ravelry but yours is extra fabulous!


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