LINDEN mitts! take two.

a lot of you knitters who are big followers of jane richmond were probably aware of her linden mitts KAL that was going on. 

it has been a little while since i've knit one of her patterns, so i had made promises to myself and to jane that i would totally participate... but the start date flew past me and i was no way near ready to cast on, as other deadlines had to be met... no worries... i knew i was going to seattle and would have plenty of time to knit during vogue knitting live... (ummmm yah, not so much knitting happened... more yarn shopping than knitting for sure) hahah ok no worries... so i still had a week left. i can do this. no big deal... 
and then it was friday, and i hadn't even cast on. what the heck!? 

so i'm stubborn. and i totally took on the challenge that i would still be able to eek out a pair of mitts in a couple of days... in fingering weight. 

honestly, it's the very easy to follow pattern, and the self striping yarn that makes these such a quick knit! 
wait... does this style look familiar to you? well it should! about a year ago i knit up my first pair! 

pros of being a close friend to the designer.. you get sneak peeks of patterns before they are released! hee hee.... 

and so now i have two pairs. and i'm pretty sure i won't stop there. i really do love these mitts! they are just as addictive as sock knitting. easy to tote around, and before you know it, they're done! 

the deets of this pattern:
yarn: knit picks felici, fingering weight, aquarium (1 skein)
        knit picks felici, fingering weight,  sunny day (1 skein) - this is the original pair that i had knit
needle: 2.25mm /US 1
for details of the first pair, check out this post.

i had heaps of fun participating in this KAL. a lot of people even eeked out two pairs! well done!!! this was a blast. and such a quick (surprisingly) and gratifying knit! thanks jane! xo


  1. I'm so glad you snuck in at the very end Becca! I can't even believe what a fast knitter you are, it never ceases to amaze me!!!

  2. Both pairs are adorable! I'm impressed you got yours done so quickly! I didn't get my second pair done quite in time, but I'm wearing the first pair. :)

  3. Thanks so much ladies! I had fun with it :) i think i'm ready to take another "knitting for speed and efficiency" class. it was fun! xo

  4. You should be TEACHING the "knitting for speed and efficiency class" who are you kidding...
    i love the springy colors...if I didn't live in SoCal I would totally be casting on a pair...

  5. Love those green stripes!


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