queue exploding

I have just favourited and queued almost all of the patterns in Brooklyn tweed's wool people vol.6 issue. check out the look book here. and be warned, you'll be itching to cast on before you're done browsing the look book.


and now your queue has grown as well....and I sooo wish I had a bazillion more hours in the day... and a woodstove to curl up and knit in front of...


I am supposed to be super focused right now.!!! I have the owl designer market next month, (which desperately needs my knitterly attention) and let's not forget about Christmas!!! gack!

so today i'm going to have a freak out. what about you? xo


  1. I have favorited (is that a word??) Bough to make for my husband to wear at his parents Christmas Tree farm. Love it! Thanks for helping my que grow as well ;)

    1. let's just call it a word ;) oh I love bough! which yarn will you use? oxoxo (ps i'm always here to enable. haha)

  2. I have a vintage heathered loden green, not sure of the brand, that I will use. Trying to stash bust so I can start the new year with new yarn =)


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