these boots were made for....

being adorable. ;) bahahah, yeah,  had to go there!
often times when you go to teach something new, you learn something new :) and cute! that's sort of totally what happened with these booties!

I had someone who is learning to crochet, and was determined to make these for her new niece... and boy are they cute! so while I was sorting out the newer to me stitches and techniques, the first of these booties came together pretty quickly!

it's definitely one of those patterns that looks much more difficult than it really is... and the possibilities are endless in terms of "style" go.

here are the deets:
pattern: crocodile stitch booties by: bonita patterns
yarn: worsted odds and ends... mostly are cascade 220 I believe...
hook: 3.5mm (E)

I definitely loved creating these... they are a super fast pattern to hook up, and I totally recommend them! I thought the pattern was fairly well written. there is heaps of info and pictures. I did make sure to mark the beginning of my round with a safety pin.. helpful for me for sure...
a part of me thought I would add decorative buttons to it, and sew some Velcro on the insides.. .though I'm nervous as all get out with my machine... especially when I'm dealing with worsted weight wool... and then I thought I'd hand sew... but clearly I haven't gotten around to it... maybe I'll just leave it for now. I think they're pretty cute as is, no?

now to find a baby to wear them!

do you enjoy a quick satisfying crochet project? any faves? xo


  1. So sweet! I'm seeing a lot of crocodile stitch lately.... it looks great! ~Stephanie

  2. The cuteness factor is over the top on these booties!! What a great color combo, too! <3

    1. hahhaha! thanks! yes. now I need a babe to put these on :) xo


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