so thankful... xo

though I always try to be mindful of being thankful, this weekend kind of reminds us to take some time to truly think about all of the wonderful things we have to be thankful for.

though I miss my family terribly, and know they are all gathering together for feasting, and birthday celebrations (I can't believe my sweet niece is 8 already!!) I am so thankful for family. for good health, and a beautiful country.

I adore the colours of fall, and the inspiration it brings. I'm so thankful for dear friends, and some are making sure we don't go hungry this thanksgiving!! we've got 2 dinners to go to, and are hosting one more! - owen has done well with the centerpiece, don't you think?

I am so thankful for my sweet husband, and son. life is all the more amazing with them in it. my husband comes home from sea today, and we are excited to spend a long weekend together! lots of feasting, of course, but also playing soccer, catch, lego creations being made, curling up with good books, and movies.... and of course knitting!

I am also so thankful for this space, and the friendships that ravelry and the blogging world have given me!

what are your thanksgiving plans? for those of you celebrating thanksgiving next month, are you planning the menu and times with friends and family already? have you started your fall decorating? xo wishing you all a very happy thanksgiving, and sending you much love. xoxoxo

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