side-tracked... by pulled pork and yarn. but not together.

i'm a little side-tracked today.... because i'm making this. and I am already anticipating just how good my house will smell later this afternoon. hah. we've invited friends over, so i'd better not screw it up.  though I don't think it's all that possible. the oven does all of the work. ;)  actually I've tried several of family feedbag's recipes. and I've never ever been disappointed!
in any case, it's a great way to start the weekend :) that and I foresee my weekend to be full of knitting with these yarns...

I've actually already wound the yellow skein. weee!!! oh there is just something about greys and yellows that I just love... like everything. xo

i'd love to know what you have planned for your weekend! xo


  1. Is that gray and yellow going together in something? Because I agree, gray and yellow are a match made in heaven.

    1. they are actually two separate gifts, but i'm seriously considering combining a little of each into the other you know? mostly grey and then some yellow, and the other mostly yellow and some grey...

  2. Thanks for the link! I hope you guys like the pork :)

  3. Gray and yellow are really lovely! That was actually my co-blogger Cindy's wedding colours, and it was lovely. :) Good luck with the pork! ~Stephanie


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