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you know that time of year when you want to be super inspired by your stash... you've been collecting at some awesome markets this summer, and you can't wait to cast on for warm, cozy fall and winter knitting? you also know that feeling when you look at your stash and realize you must have just lost all sense of organization and order? bahaha. some of you like to have our skeins wound at the store 'cause it's more convenient... but now you've lost all of those ball bands? what the? 



but don't you worry. guess what I discovered today? one of my besties, Shannon, of luvintheommyhood has the best solution!! it will honestly make your day... and your stash's day too! I promise!! this solution she has makes you excited to dive into your disorganized stash and show it who's boss... with a very pretty flair!

want to see what i'm talking about? you'll have to head on over to her blog today. I promise you won't be sorry :)

and now you can really tackle your stash, get it all organized, and soooo ready for fall and winter knitting! you'll fall in love with your stash all over again... and know exactly what you have! hurrah!

as for my progress on the sskal.. well I don't feel like showing you this week. lol! I've made progress, but it's hard to see... drops alpaca is some small sport weight yarn.. (uber small I think)... and the 3.25mm make for harder-to-see progress... I promise you next week though, you'll see some great progress! i'm still loving the sweater, and still can't wait to wear it! xo

so go on over to Shannon's post today! k? and have a fab day. xoxo

ps. I just love Natalie dee cartoons, don't you?? bahahah.

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