an oldie, but one of my faves.
tell me, how is it that this summer is speeding by oh so quickly? honestly, we're half way through july already!! how did that happen? ok well i'll just stand here in shocked silence for a bit longer while i try to cram even more fun into my summer. hahah oh yes, that's probably why it's gone by so fast. we are making ourselves so busy! but it's ok. we're busy with good stuff... fun stuff!! but it's one of the reasons why i've been a little bit quieter in this space. i've always wanted to maintain a 5 day blogging week, but i have to admit --- that's uber hard in the summertime! so i'm not stressing it.

instead, i'm enjoying as much summer family time as i can get my hands on, and i know you'll understand. because well, you're awesome. my hubby actually has to go away at the end of summer. he'll be gone until the end of october, so you can see why we're filling our days with camping, and travel, and just plain old family time...  the last time he went to sea for a longer period of time was about 3 years ago, so owen really won't remember... the adjustment might be a tough one, we will see..

welcoming daddy home 3 years ago

of course, i want to be prepping as well for the fall, because that's our prime knitting chaos calendar! so on the side, i've been tinkering away at something special.

i have been busy working away on test knits, and sample knits as well... and let's not forget my work knitting! and of course, the summer sweater knit along starts in about 2 weeks! so yah, there's that too. i'm still hoping to pull off a market or two this winter. (i'm actually in a market coming up in august!! more on that on a later post though) so my hands are always busy. and i love it that way.

the best part is that this obsession i have is portable! so i can bring it along with me to all of our family adventures. yes. all. ;) admit it, you love that part about knitting too! ;)

so i've got a few goodies coming up. so don't loose heart (or patience) with me. k?

and in the meantime, tell me.. what is on your needles? are you taking part in the sskal with luvinthemommyhood? what will you be knitting? what are you filling your summer days with? i've got bon jovi's "summertime" in my head, wishing for that beach blanket and bottle of wine... and knitting ;) xo


  1. totally nerding out with gearing for the sskal is what i'm doing! i'm trying to bust the stash with gift knits this week so all i have to focus on is the sskal. i'm trying to see if i can knit 3 toddler sweaters within the sskal timeframe. plus start banging off some christmas gifts and seriously deplete my stash! we shall see.

    and yes. soak it all in as much as you can. it does go by quickly. but that pic of you knitting in a hammock presumably while owen is playing within view and les is around puttering = heaven. xoxo

    1. i LOVE hammock knitting! you have some grand plans for the sskal! i can't wait to see your fo's! xo

  2. chantel@mudpunch16 July 2013 at 09:28

    I just finished a commissioned (my first) baby sweater for a co-worker and I'm hoping to start something fun to work on before the SSKAL. I might finally start a Colour Affection in gray, yellow and aqua. Only until the start of the KAL of course and then I'll switch to my sweater choice... Which for now is a Nanook, unless I suddenly feel differently by then.

    1. ohmygoodness grey, yellow and aqua?! gorgeous!!!! congrats on your first commissioned work! hurrah! also, i love nanook. such a beautiful pattern. it's on my queue too! xo


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