fireside... almost!

can i get a hip hip hurrah for the weekend! yeah, i can.  :) it's been a productive week for me! i got heaps of knitting done, and my list is looking more in control! we switched rooms for owen... and the yarn room is really getting there! i'll be able to show you soon! also, we've been getting a hole repaired in our kitchen. the plumber had to make a hole to get to the valve to lower our water pressure. it's been a bit of a headache... and a lot of drywall dust. but the painting will be done next week, and it will be like nothing ever happened there. (hopefully). haha.
but we're excited to be packing up and going camping this weekend! we could use a bit of quiet i think! i'm so excited to be camping on the west coast too. i just love it here. we are so very lucky and blessed to live here.

this is from last summer's camping trip up island in salmon point.

i'm looking forward to selfish knitting! hello summer sweater kal! tell me, are you joining in? what will you be knitting?
i've got some ambitious plans, but i'll divulge them in another post. i'm such a tease, i know ;)
tell me, what are you up to this weekend? i've got some campfire marshmallows to roast, and lots of knitting to do, and a 5 year old to chase around....

wishing you a wonderful, restful weekend.. hopefully full of yarn and fresh air! xo


  1. Enjoy your camping trip! We are leaving Monday for a two week road trip to my brother-in-law's wedding and a jaunt down to Portland.... and I have a lot of baby crocheting to do on the way! ~Stephanie

    1. road trips are the best way to spend knitting and crocheting! have a fabulous time!! congrats to your bro in law! xo


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