summer fun!

an oldie, but a goodie :)

you know you had an amazing weekend when you spend the whole weekend outside.!... well most of it anyways. we did actually bring our little man to see despicable me 2. so so funny!!!

but really other than that, we were outside, at parks, bbq's friend's houses... and more parks.  it was a grand weekend indeed!

this week is a very busy one for us. we're preparing for our trip to virginia! this is so exciting. we've never been before, and i already know that a week there won't be nearly long enough. :) in the meantime, i've got some knitting to do! and yarn to choose for the trip. you know.. the important stuff :) haha
my hubby has a list of things to see and  do, and i know we'll be busy. but any of you readers who live in virginia, or who have gone.. any must see's? places we should definitely go to?
we'll be stying in manassas, actually.

so in the meantime, i've got some serious knitting to get done! i think i've narrowed down my sskal choices! i'll be sure to let you know on wednesday!

what are you up to today? are you recouping from a busy and fun weekend? tell me how your summer is going so far! i'd love to hear from you, and anyone with tips for visiting virginia, i'm all ears! xo


  1. Welcome to VA! I am in Orange, VA about 1 hour from Manassas. There are lots battlefields in VA to visit, Kings Dominion Amusement Park is fun, Luray Caverns are beautiful, and you will be so close to DC. Have lots of fun and plan on lots of hot and humid weather!

    1. oh yes, i've heard that i's going to be pretty muggy :) i'll have to pack light in the clothing department. (more room for yarn anyways.. haha ) we're so excited to see the sights! thanks for the tips! we'll look into them! xo


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