just a heads' up

june 8th happens to fall on this weekend. and do you know why it's so special? it's the first day for world wide knit in public day! yup! and i'm telling you now, because i want you to be prepared. ;) the event lasts from june 8th - 16th.

do you want to know a little bit more about it? this is actually the largest knitter run event in the world! (fun, right?)  it was originally founded by danielle landes in 2005, and is now in the hands of astrid salling, who took over in 2011.
knitting in public is something that i do on a daily basis, but seeing events hosted... heaps of knitters gathered together in a park, kind of makes me giddy! and you can find these events popping up more and more!
check out the world wide knit in public day website for more info.

this is me with local food blogger family feedbag a few years ago on salt spring island.
you can be sure i'll be toting my knitting around with me. i hope to park my butt down in a park somewhere with many other knitters :) it's such a fun event, and you get a chance to meet so many other enthusiasts!
you don't have to be knitting either, crochet, or any fiber related crafts are awesome!!

so now you have lots of time to plan a public knit in... or just find one and join in. it doesn't have to be a hugely planned thing (but if it is, it's a lot of fun!) it can even be your pals and a park and a great picnic!

tell me you're joining in! i'd love to hear where you'll be showing your knitterly (or crochet!) pride! xo


  1. How fun! I will definitely be participating! ~Stephanie

  2. So I originally read this post on Tuesday (computer wouldnt let me type in comment field) only 45 minutes after being at the Tuesday market in the same park! I live on salt spring and will be going to Elderberry Yarns on the 15th for their knitting event.

    1. haha that's awesome molly! how fantastic is that! (and such a small world!) if you're ever in the victoria area, you should let me know! xo


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