slow progress is still progress...

... sometimes things really don't work out as planned... and we need to restart projects.. yeah, i'm talking about my pendulum for the "pour moi" kal. i really wanted to work the pattern differently so that i didn't have to cut my yarn. turns out that isn't really possible. haha (or else, i'm sure i would have seen so many others do the same).
and i firmly believe that it's really worth it to do the project right. i knew it would bother me if i didn't fix it..
i'm not all too sad though, because i've already re-cast on... and i'm almost ready to start the first colour change. gotta love my signature needles! they make this project really fly. ..

of course i really didn't want to take a picture of the frogging... we don't want to see that. so instead, want to see more yarn? of course you do!  since we're talking a bit about the "pour moi" kal this skein has full intentions of being something just for me :)

this is knit picks aloft. and it's so very soft! what do you suppose i've got planned for this? any guesses? i'll give you a hint. it's a jane richmond pattern. :)
and while we're oogling.. here's another...

though i'm not sure what it will become yet... but if i were you', i'd keep my eyes out come end of august... early fall...;)  it's so squishy! it's knit picks billow. (for those of you wondering)

so while i've had to take a few steps back on the "pour moi" kal... i'm still pressing forward... and am so excited to be wrapping it around me... and it will be just for me :) and it will be perfect... xo

do you want to take part in this kal?  you can find all of the details here. evelyn is such a fun host for this kal! be sure to check out her blog too!

are you taking part in the kal? what do you have on your needles? come chat! my needles are clicking away here :) xo


  1. Motley? What other color will you use?

    1. i'm only using just the one skein ;) xo

  2. Thanks for the sweet words about our KAL but very sorry that your first attempt didn't work out as planned. My "pour moi" project had a similar fate but I haven't had a chance to start over! Yikes! Looking forward to seeing which of Jane's patterns you'll be knitting and to hearing about what you think about Billow.

    1. oh well i find that the re-starts are good for the knitter. :) let's call it a warm up :) i hope you have a chance to start over your project soon!! xoxo


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