it was a whirlwind of a weekend, and oh so fun!! we had a t-ball game, a birthday party, i went to knit night, we went for a beach walk in the rain, and a lovely family dinner out.  these are my favourite weekends. so full that it almost leaves me tired for the week staring at me in the face on monday morning. almost though, because i have coffee... and i can totally take it ;)

time to get back on track this week.... and get ready for family coming to visit. i'm determined to finish spring cleaning, and have heaps of donations ready to go all before friday.

oh, and i have been working away on a pair of socks. for my man. because really. when do i ever not knit? haha.

i'm also loving.. and i mean l.o.v.i.n.g. the addi sock rockets. i want more.

how was your weekend? did you get outside at all? any crafting going on?  i'd love to hear about it!! xo


  1. I'm so glad you had a weekend full of joy! I'm also delighted to add that ours was pretty wonderful too. The weather was glorious here in France and we ended up spending most of sunday out in the garden under the cherry blossom. It was a productive weekend too.

    I hope your week is as special :-)


    1. oh that sounds lovely! it looks like our week will be full of sunshine! i'm excited for it! oxo

  2. You little guy is so so cute. Glad you enjoyed your busy weekend! xoxo

    1. aww thanks so much rachel. xo he fills my heart :) xo


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