rain rain... you can stay (for a little while)...

i'm sitting here listening to the sound of the rain hit the windows, while i'm sipping my morning coffee.these mornings really do just put me at ease, and make me slow down just a little.

something that i really just don't do enough of. i'm always the girl multi-tasking like it's nobody's business.. i do everything fast (except eat.. but that's besides the point)..

i have huge plans for my spring cleaning list... purging, cleaning, and keeping on top of heaps of knitting... but right now, at this moment... i'm just quietly listening to the pouring rain... (and a little bit of max and ruby in the background).

Source: flickr.com via Rachel on Pinterest

and let me tell you. this is just what i need. the clicking of my needles, the smell of my coffee, and the rain on the windowpane... i feel refreshed already. and ready for this productive day of mine..

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

how is your morning? are you finidng you need a little reminder to slow down every once in a while? i'd love to know what's on your needles... xoxo


  1. I would enjoy the rain more if I hadn't had to walk outside in it to get to work! But the sun is starting to peep through....I so very wish I was listening to the clicking of needles this morning instead of the clicking of my keyboard. ~Stephanie

    1. though i do think it's a good day to be productive, no? hopefully you don't get wet on the way home, or on your lunch break! xo

  2. I love days like this... The rain really does mellow me out... :)
    Rainy days are also the days when I feel my most creative.

    now having said that...

    *clickety click* go the needles on my Strathcona :D
    The colours of the Regia Cascata Cotton yarn I'm using (in Tugela) reminds me of a beautiful sunset. I just ove it!

    happy rainy/sunny/beautiful island day!

    1. I mean... I just *LOVE it! :D

    2. i bet it's going to look amazing!!! i hope you got lots of knitting done today!! i feel like it would almost be beneficial if i had multiple arms to knit. lol! it wouldn't be the most attractive though. hahah! happy knitting! xo

    3. ROFL! No No that would be so neat.
      You'd be a super hero! Multiple arms like tentacles for knitting? You'd be... "Knittacle Woman" or "Octa-knitter"... er... um... hmmm... Yeah I'm such a geek! *hangs head in shame* :D

      Thank you for all your help! with the scarf. It's looking pretty good... the plus side being it looks CORRECT now! Haha!


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