wishing for spring.....

so i think i 'm done my tinkering now. :)
i know that sometimes i like to rub it in that the weather is warmer and more spring-like over on the western side of canada than pretty much anywhere else in canada and much of the us... and well probably more places. yeah. it's a tiny bit mean of me, i see that.. and i'm sorry.. i'm just a happy girl to be able to live out here. i'm pretty blessed, i think.  but i do remember the winters dragging forever when i lived in ontario...
and you know i wish i could change the forecast for you, but since i can't i thought i 'd do something else...

i've decided to host another facebook sale! there's no reason that you can't be stylish while transitioning from winter to spring... and i've got some doozies for you!! it's a strictly cowls and bootcuffs sale. however, just so you know, i have a few women's toques (some might fit men too) that i am happy too offer to those who are interested.... and if you are, just send me a private message... and i'll send along pics..
but let's get on with the sale, ok?

these cabled boot cuffs flew off the shelves out here! they are super warm, knit with an alpaca blend, and the yarn was actually brought back to me from peru! they're not too bulky, and will keep your legs uber warm, while wearing your stylish boots. they work great for your wellies too! xo it's also my first design for purchase, and i'm super proud of them  :)

the chevron cowl is also one of my designs. i love the bulky pop of colours in this garment. so bold, and spring like!! these cowls are a wool blend, and are washable. the thing i love about cowls, is you can't easily loose them... and they can't get caught up in your jacket. so even while wearing lighter jackets, this baby will keep you uber warm as well!

the arbutus cowl is really one of my absolute favourites. it's designed by the lovely jane richmond, and the marriage of this pattern with madelinetosh yarns (yea, you heard right!) a 100% merino wool hand-dyed yarn is just beautiful!
you can really wear this cowl right into spring. it's not very heavy at all, and the colours are simply stunning, trust me on that one! i enjoyed every single stitch of this pattern! i know you will love wearing these as well!

now i know that most of you readers of this here blog are actually knitters and crocheters as well... but if you know of friends and family who are freezing their as&* off... and they might be interested... send them on over to nook's facebook page, ok?
i really do appreciate it!!

oh wait there's one very cool thing about this sale... as you canadian readers know, shipping across canada rates are brutal... seriously people... they're high... well no one wants to put a damper on some early spring shopping... so shipping's on me! yup! shipping is free for this entire sale!!! (i'll ship it the most affordable way i can, which surprisingly in some circumstances is express-post!)
but i am not about to leave anyone out....i'm not like that....

 shipping is free worldwide! 

you'll probably want to tell your friends. xo 
so thanks dear readers, in advance for spreading the sale news! i so appreciate it!! and for you knitters? whatcha knitting on? have you tried any of these patterns yet? xo


  1. I love your chevron cowl! And the sweater you are wearing with it is so amazing- it makes me think of Dragonflies, which I guess I won't get knit this winter.

    1. oh i love the dragonfly sweater! i so want to knit that! this was a test knit for lilalu (rav id)... i think she's still working on the pattern though. :) and thanks for the cowl love! i am thinking of writing up a pattern for that one too! xo

  2. Shipping is horrible across Canada isn't it? I have almost choked a couple times at the post office when they give you a cost! That is lovely you are doing a sale. All your stuff is gorgeous! Will pass it on to some friends for sure :) ~Stephanie

    1. thanks so much stephanie! i totally appreciate it! xo

  3. If only it was cold enough over here to warant me buying some :(
    39 degrees today :O eekk!

    1. wowza that's super warm!!! are you in Oz?? xo

    2. nice!!! i wouldn't mind hanging there!! xo


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