i'm working away here... on something for all of you who are currently still bundled up trying to keep warm with all of the snow piling around you. something kind of special... something that should make you happy... and i hope to tell you about it soon!
but in the meantime.... let's just wish we were all right here. ok?

ok. that sounds like a plan ;)

tell me, what are you up to today? i'd love to know! i think that after luvinthemommyhood's post yesterday, i'm needing to bake cookies. xo


  1. Ha ha, I recognise this pic from my Pinterest board! Gorgeous isn't it?
    Sounds very exciting, looking forward to the big reveal :-)

    1. hahaha it IS gorgeous! and i couldn't help it ;) i just want to be there so bad! ahaha pintrest creates such longings, hey? haha. xo


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