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do you have any fave last minute easter knits up your sleeve? i do. remember this guy?

 this is really a fun little knit. and such a joy to find on easter morning! (or any morning, for that matter).

pattern: bunny nuggets by rebecca danger
needle: 3.0mm
yarn: odds and ends.

i've knit several of rebecca danger's patterns. and they are so fun to knit! every. one. of. them. her patterns are clear, and precise.. very easy to follow. perfect especially you're new into the world of toy knitting. and even if you're not so new. honestly, i loved knitting these guys up. they are a great way to use up your stash! not a fan of the tiny needles? then use bigger. honestly. the pattern accounts for all of that. just use a bigger yarn then. problem solved ;)

i highly  suggest you go knit one of these guys... or heaps.. you know what they say about bunnies.... (lol)

in other news... this weekend marks the first weekend of camping for the year for us! oh yeah! it was only decided a couple of days ago... officially, yesterday. so i've got a bit of list making to accomplish. there's a lot especially for the first of the season... and considering it's easter and i have a very excited 5 year old...

oh. and let's not forget that we're only just over a week away from vogue knitting live! i'm hoping for some serious knitting time this weekend, let's just say that.

honestly though, i'm getting so ridiculiously excited about vkl, i just might pee my pants. i won't but it will be close. my plan is to have strathcona finished. as well as that other colourful little item i was working on... and have something cast on as well... i'm really leaning toward pendulum.... but i might have to bring a couple of projects ;) but i also have another colourway in the running for this shawl... my first choice is this... it makes me think fondly of the mountains and the ocean.... the yarn is raventwist. (originally under the name rocky mountain dyeworks). and the colours are djinn and black isles.

but i've also got this combo of madtosh merino light in jade and thunderstorm. 

very west-coasty as well.. sigh. maybe i need to knit two of them? lol..

anyways... i have to get back to the present though... i have some serious organizing to do. it's a good thing i like making lists so much!!

do you have any last minute easter knits on the go? any of you attending vogue knitting live? do chat! it's my fave topic! xo


  1. Oh good grief--had no plans to sneak in an Easter knit but now look what you did! Not sure if I can do it by Easter, but one way or another, will be knitting a softie like that :).

  2. I made one of these adorable bunnies last year! I love it because it's so fluffy (I used super soft alpaca yarn for the pompom)
    I might just have to make another one this year to keep the little guy company :)

    1. oh i think you should :) becaue they're just so cute! hahah. and and alpaca bunny bum sounds like the softest ever!!! (and cutest) ;) xo

  3. ohmygoodness...yes yes yes! i have this pattern and am pulling it out now. i love your color...thank you for the inspiration and for posting this in enough time to get a few friends done before the holiday! xoxo

    1. yippee! i can't wait to see them! xo

  4. Bunneeee! I agree Rebecca Danger is amazing!

    I have a skein of Tosh Sock in Jade and I've been mulling over what to pair it with...it looks amazing with that grey shade! I can't wait to see what you decide on.

    So jealous that you are going to VKL. Are you taking classes? I feel like now that I am a West Coaster makes it more likely that I could go...in my dreams. harhar. I'll just have to live vicariously through you!

    1. i'm not taking classes, sadly. i wish i were... too bad you can't come to vkl that would be amazing! i've decided on veera's stripe study for the madtosh yarns. weee! xo


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