here comes peter cottontail

it's easter weekend this weekend. (totally snuck up on me, but it's ok... because i'm sure that chocolate will make me forget that i was *almost* unprepared).

Source: purlbee.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and we've also decided to begin our camping season this weekend! it's been a busy time in this little home... trying to drag out all of the summer activities, and camping supplies. thankfully with it being a long weekend, we have an extra day to get things organized and stocking up the trailer for the season. goodness but we are excited though... because the weather seems to be tricking us to thinking that it's almost summer! .. here on the west coast....
so we are taking full advantage of this opportunity (and i bet you would too with this weather..)

also, it seems the easter bunny has not forgotten my love of yarn. (haha well yah, i'm reaching here... i totally ordered it) but it was a wonderful surprise nonetheless, as i didn't know what i was getting...  this is my first wollmeise grab-bag purchase... of course, i'm not disapointed. not at all.

now i'm brand new to the world of wollmeise. i actually own a few skeins now.. but i have yet to knit with it.... i really do have such a huge queue, and i need so many more hours in my week to do some selfish knitting... but as a good friend told me, yarn never goes bad :)  i'm not sure what these will become yet.. but oh aren't they pretty?

i've got lots of knitting planned for the weekend, and i'm excited to say it will all be selfish knitting! if you didn't know before, i rarely get a chance to do very much selfish knitting... so i'm kind of excited ;) i'm preparing for vogue knitting live! are you going?

at any rate, i'm wishing you all a very wonderful easter. full of family, smiles, fellowship, and chocolate ;) i'd love to know what your easter plans are! and of course if you have a fave chocolate. ;) i hinted to the easter bunny that he should probably hit up purdy's. xoxo


  1. Love the colors in your Wollmeise! Where did you purchase a grab bag? I checked out the link you provided but didn't see it...would love one myself!

    1. hi tracy! i just looked it up now. actually wollmeise has a new website that has only just been activated! it's pretty! and it seems they have a section just for grab bags. see if this link works for you: http://www.rohrspatzundwollmeise.de/en/specials/ueberraschungstueten/

      usually they've been doing updates once or twice a week... i think it's thursday nights for me. (friday am for germany).... it seems they're still working through their new website. but it's lovely! hopefully this helps! xo


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