oh the weather outside is frightful!

there's a couple of things i wanted to share with you today.... and considering the weather out west... (it's seriously crazy... blizzarding up island, pouring rain in victoria, heavy snowfall in vancouver... seriously strange) i figured i'd throw a little sunshine your way by showing you what i've come across this morning :)

most of you knitters probably already know that brooklyn tweed's wool people 4 is out. and gosh, it's lovely. there are so many wonderful patterns in there i just want to knit. wanna have a peek? it's nice on your eyes, i promise.. and with a nice mug of tea, or strongest coffee... it will make you forget about the weather maybe for a little bit ;)

also.. who doesn't love giveaways? i love following lots of blogs, and one blog i visit quite regularly is hosting a fantastic giveaway right now!

secretly... i hope i win, but i just have to share it with you, because these pillows are adorable!!!

don't you just love them? my fave is the invisible crown one.. ok but you should enter too! you'll have to head on over to one sheepish girl to get all of the info on how to enter! if you haven't followed this blog, you should start. it's uber sweet, and meredith has heaps of ideas, and is full of crafty love.


and i did check, this giveaway is open to international readers too! wahoo!! so head on over and enter!!!

so there you go. a couple of things for you to do, while the weather outside is as unfriendly as the grinch. hope this brightens your day! come chat... my needles have been clicking away, and i've been so productive! xo

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