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here's a little something to make you smile today :)

Source: slodive.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

this isn't my tattoo... but i kind of wish it were :) actually i totally wish it were :) i'm busy knitting away today ... much like this little gnome here... specifically... i'm about to seam up a sweater for me!

what are you working on? xo


  1. Gorgeous :) how cute is that!

  2. Can't wait to see your finished sweater! I know if I disciplined myself I could finish my sweater but I'm feeling very blah about it right now.
    I sent you a little something in the mail today...it probably won't be there for a while but just giving you a heads up.

    1. it's so close to being done! i'm just seaming it now. i ended up ripping out part of the front panel to re-do the raglan shaping. i wasn't happy with it the first time. it looks so much better now!
      you are so awesome!! i love mail! and you've beat me to it too, because i've been meaning to get something in the mail for you too.. ha. i'll let you know when i pop it in the post. xo

  3. Replies
    1. i kind of think this needs to be my next tattoo... ;)


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