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today starts the beginning of the last week without my camera... honestly, i didn't think i would miss it so much, but since it went to sea with les, i've now been wanting to show you so many f.o's! ha. and they are waiting oh so patiently for their pictures to be taken.... .. i think i'm the one getting the most impatient ;) ha. but that's ok, because all it means for you is that you have a lot to look forward to!

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the knitting bug has bitten everyone hard this season it seems. anytime i head into a yarn shop it's just bustling with activity. i love it. and the weather has just suddenly plummeted for us. we had such lovely late summer weather, all the way to thanksgiving actually! and now it's just cold, windy, wet and windy. i have yet to turn on the heat.... i'm just stubborn like that... instead, we're layering up and cuddling under lots of blankets, and drinking warm spiced tea. love it. this weather is also quite the enabler for casting on new projects ;)

but one thing i've been making myself do is a bit of selfish knitting. i love knitting for the booth, and this year i have more markets than last year. so it keeps me very busy and i love it! but i've been feeling a little left out... so i decided to dig in my heels and do a bit of selfish knitting. and boy does it feel good! i can't wait to show you!

 i've also been wanting to knit a bit for owen. yes he's got a lot of toys, but it's time to be practical, and think of sweaters. the last time i knit him a sweater was a year ago. clearly he's grown out of it... so now i'm on the hunt for the next sweater... and to be honest with you... i'm really leaning towards some good ez knitting....

bsj & tomten jacket

i absolutely love elizabeth zimmermann's patterns.... sadly i haven't knit one of her patterns in far too long... i think it's time i remedied that... don't you? and in lieu of me not having a camera to show you new items that i've completed, or am working on... i wanted to touch back on some of the elizabeth zimmermann patterns i have knit...

baby surprise jacket

above are the baby surprise jackets and the tomten. i've made so many of the bsj's now. they're a great go-to pattern, and keep baby so warm! i especially love the colour combo of those two ;) the tomten jacket is one of my faves... though i've only knit this one. i love the colour combo, and putting in the zipper was scary for me, but not a big deal after it was done. owen wore this until he couldn't fit in it anymore. it's so crazy warm. i think i want to knit him another one :)

seamless hybrid sweater
i've done the seamless hybrid sweater a few times. the first time unfortunately i made a math error, and it just wouldn't fit les. well live and learn, hey? but as you can see, the second fit him like a glove. and it was so liberating!!!  i love it. this pattern is amazing. but it's completely up to you to do your math. the one i made for owen was adorable.. but didn't fit him very long. gotta remember that kids grow! lol

fast cap & very warm hat

i've done a few of these hats. the very warm hat i've done 4 times all for christmas gifts. and the fast cap has fit owen ever since i knit it up! i absolutely love this pattern! and it stays on his head no matter what... and it's sooo warm. i really do want to knit him another one...

awww look how little he is there... i miss that bitty owen ;)

i've been wanting to knit owen another sweater, and i've been debating the seamless hybrid... but there are lots of other patterns i'd love to try as well! one thing is for certain, he won't go cold :) i certainly need to be branching out more on ez patterns though. i realize now that i haven't done all that many! there are so many amazing patterns that she's written, and i'd love to tackle them all!

how about you? have you knit any of elizabeth zimmermann's patterns? do you have any faves that you've knit several of? pull up a chair, have a cup of tea and let's chat! xo


  1. I have never knit one of her patterns, though I recently bought The Opinionated Knitter and Knitter's Almanac. I can't wait to dig into these and, eventually try a percentage sweater.
    Your jackets look great and that sweater looks like something my husband would actually wear!

  2. I'd love to try a little EZ math! One day, I will! Yours looks fab!

  3. i really do enjoy her patterns. they are written differently, but it makes you think of knitting a little differently as well. i so encourage both of you to try her patterns out! they're just so liberating! (at least i think so) :) i was just reorganizing the office/craft/play room tonight, and i realize i have 3 of her books! i think i should definitely get right back into her patterns :) xo

  4. The look like lovely items, personally never tried EZ patterns, but they intrigue me. It seems to me that by selfish knitting you are speaking of knitting for others! When Ido selfish knitting...,i only think of myself!
    But this is a great suggestion. My son also needs a new sweater, it's been a while since I made him one!

    1. hah no i'm totally knitting for myself :) but because i don't have the camera (my hubby has it while at sea), i thought i'd show some other patterns i worked on by elizabeth zimmerman :) at the moment, i've got a lovely cabled cardigan on the needles for me :) xo


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