spook fest!

working with yarn is definitely more my thing than working with food... ;) however, i just couldn't disappoint my uber excited 4 year old with his hallowe'en party dessert request...  best i can do is try...

and i'm happy to say, they were a hit! haha! a much prettier version of this graces the cover of today's parent magazine. the october issue ;)

as for his costume? totally not handmade... especially when he's decided to be a storm-trooper. ;)
we've got a very wet forecast here... in fact, we're under a rain-fall warning... up to 70mm of rain today! i'm certain it won't put a huge damper on my 4 year old's spirits. after all, we will all do almost anything for candy ;)

now let's see if i can stay awake long enough to watch a scary movie tonight, after today's preparations for trick or treating ;)

what are you up to today? do you have kiddos who are also super excited? any fun costumes? xo


  1. Hee hee, my 5yo says that's just the kind of cake she likes. :) Nice job! And Happy Halloween!


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