woah! i don't think my feet have stopped running since friday afternoon! what a weekend!!! i have lots of pictures to share with you.. (and lots to take still...)
the weekend was fantastic! gramma and papa are still visiting with us. and goodness, was owen ever surprised. it was the sweetest thing!!
so while i'm trying to organize the chaos of the weekend, and still entertain :) i wanted to share one fo with you...
do you remember one sheepish girl's post here? well owen saw it, and promptly handed me some orange yarn. ha.
and about an hour later, here's what we had :)

we're hoping to carve a real pumpkin today!

the earthquake that happened out on this coast was a biggie, and as far as i know, no one was hurt. i didn't feel anything, and we avoided any tsunami... i know hawaii was on big alert, but the warning was called off. so grateful for a safe outcome....
i also really wanted to say that to all of my family, readers and friends who are being hit by hurricane sandy, that i'm thinking of you and hoping you're all safe and dry. oxoxo

what are you up to today? any last minute hallowe'en crafting? xo


  1. Isn't this the perfect thing to give a small Halloween gift? So cute!
    I'm so close to finishing sleeve no. 2 of Aidez...i just need to do it!
    It doesn't help that I started a certain cowl as well and kind of am addicted to knitting it...sigh. I will never have enough hands or time to make everything I want to make!
    Grandparents are the best surprise ever! N and E are crazy about theirs.
    my sister and her hubby as well as many of my closest friends live in NY, so I am on alert. So far everything seems ok.

    1. i'm so glad to hear that, hannah! xoxoxo and i do hope they stay safe...xo

  2. OMG Rebecca!! That pumpkin is just so darn cute!!! I checked and don't have any orange yarn in my stash that I could turn into a pumpkin. Oh well, maybe next year? Owen is such a lucky boy! :)


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