looking for a class?

i'm sure we all can't believe it... but it's true. this is the last long weekend of the summer! (here in canada, anyways) crazy. where has the time gone? but you know, i've had a fantastic summer. and i'm really looking forward to what the fall holds.
and i bet it will include a lot of knitting :)

the cloth castle is nicely stocked up with yummy yarns, and a huge array of classes ready for the cooler weather.

i'll be starting off the long weekend with a class. i'm excited about this class. this is the beginner knitting level 2 where we'll be knitting a chunky sweater.. (or jacket) however you choose to wear it. :)

how squishy is that? and really if that doesn't get you excited for the cozy comfy knitting season i don't know what will. ha.

the class is completely full, but don't worry another one is being offered in just a couple of months. still plenty of time to get those needles warmed up for holiday knitting.

are you starting to think about knitting? now is really the perfect time to start slotting in classes before your schedule gets too full, and all of the classes fill up.
you can find out everything you need at the cloth castle. and did you know they have a facebook page too? it's a great way to stay connected, and to put those requests in for specific classes, or product :) it's also just a very fun community, and a place for you to share :)

you can find everything you need at

you can also find the knitting class info here on the blog.
as for the rest of the weekend, we'll be heading to the local fair for one of the days, and a bbq dinner with great friends as well :) cheers to a fabulous summer, and an exciting fall! don't be too sad about the end of summer, i have an exciting treat for you on tuesday!

are you anticipating the fall with open arms? and knitting needles at the ready? what are your fun plans for the weekend? come chat. i like your company :) xo


  1. Love the color of that sweater! I guess one good thing about the upcoming cooler season and inevitable Vancouver rain is that we'll feel cozy and warm while knitting! <3

    1. yes! absolutely! but it's how every knitter looks at fall and winter. we love it, hey? xoxo


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