weekend plans

how did friday get here so quickly? i'm certainly not complaining though. just man is this summer flying by fast, or what? today is another day full of knitting... (actually this entire weekend is!) this market table isn't going to be ready all by itself :)
and let me tell you, i've got lots of exciting things planned! ;)

i've got a class to teach this evening. and if you're in the area, and have a hankering to learn to knit, call the cloth castle and join in! this is the perfect weather for learning to knit. just perfect. :) this weekend my hubby has a softball tournament, so we're planning on bringing a picnic blanket, a cooler, toys, books, and knitting. let's not forget our loud cheering voices too! it's going to be fun!

 it's raining, it's dark and it's cold. perfect weather for productive knitting, some popcorn maybe, and banana bread? lots of cuddles and chatting with you. what are you up to this weekend? i'd love to hear of your plans! coffee's on! xo


  1. Oh I wish I lived nearby, I would love to learn to knit from you - you're such a kick-ass knitter! .... and aren't those yarns divine, good enough to eat - I think I'm yarn obsessed, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop when I'm in a yarn shop! xx

    1. ha! you're awesome. you and i would def. be trouble in a yarn store. hahaha. i'd love to hang with you sometime! one day.... sigh. xo


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