gearing up.

i'm really excited to announce that nook is going to be a vendor at fibrations!

i rarely get a chance to experience fibre festivals, and i'm always making a beeline directly for the yarn and fiber booths at any markets ;) (you're so not surprised, i know). but now that there's an event that's right in my neck of the woods, and it's filled with fibre artists crafts, and wool! gah, i'm more than excited!

and it's only a month away! so of course, i have to get knitting. and i'm already pretty excited about what will be in my booth! i promise to tease you lots. in the meantime, i'm taking today to catch up, get to the post office, get to the library.. and get those knitting needles smokin'!

if you're in the area, i'd love to see you at fibrations! come on by and say hi!
as you can see on the sign, it's on august 19th. i was so bummed to not have gone last year. (we were on holiday, and on a major road trip). seeing the pics of how beautiful the experience was at fibrations made me certain that i'd be a part of it this year. luvinthemommyhood captured some ah-mazing pics. check them out!

wanna keep up to date, and find out more?

i'm getting so excited for this event. i know it's going to be beautiful. and i hope you can come and check it out! xo


  1. Wow, what fun! Hope you get all the knitting time you need! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    1. thanks! you know i'll be in my element this next month ;) xo

  2. Oh i just found your blog, totally sweet, how do you do?? Fibrations, that is brilliant, enjoy the event, they are always so personal & fun, people knowing their fibres!! Love Posie

    1. hi posie! i'm so very glad you've found this space!!! i'm now oogling over your blog ;) i promise to keep everyone up to date with all of the crafting for fibrations. xo


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