time for a serious happy dance.

look what i ended up getting yesterday!!

much thanks to jane! we decided to hoof it down to knotty by nature where they actually have knit picks needles! wahoo! soooo guess what that means?

yep. third time's a charm. turns out i am such a loose knitter.. (the cold i have? maybe the relaxing summer weather? who knows) but i get gauge on a 3.0mm. crazy. i decided to get the 2.75mm, the 3.0mm, and the 3.25mm all in the 47"  so that way i can try the cardi on!

and look how pretty it looks now.

and just guess what i'll be working on this weekend. ;) i'm just so happy that i can knit this wonderful cardi on the needles i really wanted to use. yay knit picks! ...what can i say... i've been spoiled...

so with this beautiful weather we've got coming our way.. i plan on some pic-nicking. water parks, and knitting! yessssss... we totally thought about camping this weekend. but we're all still getting over colds. and i teach on sunday anyways....

in the area? want to learn how to make your own crochet zig zag blanket? there are still spots available!!! call the cloth castle to register today! it's only one class, and you'll go home with the skills and formula to create your own zig zag blanket any size you'd like!

what are you up to on the weekend? i'd love to know of your plans. do you have nice weather? are you spending the weekend outside? crafting? come chat! xo


  1. Lucky girl!

    Check out what I finished on my blog...loving it!

    I've been eyeing the Knitpicks "lace set" fixed circulars online...I can't decide whether to buy the set or buy them one by one...it's difficult also to decide what length to get. decisions decisions!
    There are so many projects I can do with the yarn and needles I have, but all this sock knitting has convinced me I need to knit a pair! meh.
    D finds out tomorrow what his Saturday schedules are going to entail...hopefully it won't be as bad as NY. cross yer fingers.
    Happy weekend to you. xo

    1. eeks. totally crossing my fingers! i'm seriously loving the smaller tips on the knit picks. and knowing that i've now got a new obsession in sock yarns.. they'll surely come in handy. what are all of the things you mostly want to knit with them? that might help decide on the length? i haven't looked at the set on the site.. i should maybe check that out! ok. off to check your blog! xox

  2. Anyone who doesn't know how to crochet in ripples has to do this class - I am LOVING my ripple, its such a pleasure, the gentle to-ing and fro-ing, its so rhythmic - I can see myself starting another as soon as I have finished this one ... that reminds me, I really should post a progress update ...

    Love your cardi - I'm so envious of your knit skills! As much as a LOVE crocheting, I am so proud to have learnt as I think it is a much less used skill ... crochet for me is great for big blankets and little details, but there is nothing like a beautifully knitted jumper ...

    1. aww thanks! and yes! you should most definitely post progress pictures! i'd love to see them! and i agree crochet isn't used quite as much, but you know i've seen some really nice crochet pieces! have you heard of "little crochet" by linda permann? here's the amazon link. http://www.amazon.ca/Little-Crochet-Modern-Designs-Toddlers/dp/0307586588
      seriously everything in this book is ah-mazing! xo

  3. I love the sweater your knitting, especially in that color! It's a classic.
    I keep sizing down my needles too. It's getting to a point where I try most gauge swatches on a US 3 because I seem to always move down a few times until I'm using a 3 anyway. I guess it's better for me though. It makes me think of Elizabeth Zimmerman saying she pities the poor tight knitters :)

    1. ah! thankyou !! for quoting EZ. how right she is, hey? love it! so glad you're a loose knitter too :) xo

  4. I ended up getting sizes 1,2 and 3 fixed circulars with 40 inch cables instead of going for the set. I want to use them for socks and perhaps a fingering-weight top that I've had my eye on (the simple pullover). Can't wait to get them!

    1. yippeee! it's always exciting getting knitpicks mail, hey? xo


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