hello summer!

it's monday already? that was a crazy fast weekend. and i got some serious knitting done. yay for my most lovely awesome husband to watch owen and play with him all.day.long. on saturday, so i could just read and knit. all. day. looooove!

we finally got some summer weather here. so saturday was a beach day! honestly, it couldn't have been  a better day. we packed a cooler, a big blanket, an umbrella, and of course... knitting ;)

then sunday i taught a class.. honestly, i was surrounded by yarn, knitting and crochet all weekend.
that's what i call a fantastic break from the week!

and i'm more than ready to tackle this week. we've got lots planned, and family coming to visit. i'm sure it will be a speedy week!

what do you have planned for this week? how was your weekend? i'd love to hear what you've been up to. any successful knitting done? the sun is shining, and i've got my knitting at the ready.. let's chat! xo


  1. Oh you have such a cute wee boy - just how a boy should be, with tons of energy! I so know what you mean, time is just whizzzzzing by at the mo, its always like this in the last few weeks of the school year, non-stop parties, sports days, concerts, shows - the list goes on and on and on! I keep forgetting things, I swear I'm getting worse ... but the really exciting thing we had this weekend was olympic fever hit our little town - we had the torch running through Right Past Our House! Perfect excuse for good old party - what fun we had ... this week is no less busy with my dear mum coming to visit and my son's birthday ... don't know when I'm gonna fit in any crochet! xx

    1. thanks so much! some days owen has more energy than we know what to do with! haha the beach sure helped with that.
      how perfect that the olympic torch went by your house! that's awesome! did you get a picture? i hope you have a great week! and that your son has a blast at his birthday party! xo

  2. I see that you are knitting from the outside of the yarn cake...isn't it so much better?
    and WOW look at you barreling through the Georgia! amazing!
    Glad you had such a nice weekend. Hubby came home at 3p.m. on Saturday - woohoo! we actually had dinner together both weekend nights. Feels like a luxury honestly.
    I've hit a wall mentally with the Castle. I love how it's looking but my Gemini mind is wandering all over the place thinking about what else I want to knit...sigh.

    1. you know i really wanted to knit from the inside out of the cake... but i'm sure i wound it too tight, and i was so afraid of yarn barfs. haha. this cake is performing just fine though :) and yep, i'm just flying through the georgia. love it!! so happy your hubby is home! will he stay home for a while? you could totally cast on for something else too... i also have a pair of socks on the go... not to mention all of the market knitting on the go now! ha. xo

  3. p.s. your kid is just the cutest. ever.


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