it's knit along time!

i had to leave early this morning to take owen to the dentist. he had his teeth cleaned, and i'm so proud of him. he really seems to like the dentist! (let's hope that lasts)...
but now that i'm home... and before i dash off again...


today is wip wednesday! how are you doing on the kal? i wish i could tell you i'm just racing along like many of you. and i probably could say that if i didn't have to rip. it. all. out. yes. that's right. i frogged it. after working 5 inches of the sweater. sigh...
it seems that after i did my swatch, on which i was bang on... and started knitting away, during a yucky cold... my gauge has changed. i'm blaming the cold meds.
my gauge was off by 2 sts. !!! that's massive...so i had to frog it, you see... 
i've decided that instead of changing needle size (because it would mean not knitting on my knit picks)... i'm just going to knit a smaller size.

and so i start again. it's ok though. i love sweet georgia yarn that much... it's almost worth it to knit it over twice. ... almost. the only concern i have right now is how open it's looking with the gauge i've gotten. i'm really hoping that after a good blocking, the yarn will bloom nicely and fill out. what do you think?

how about you? how is your kal progress coming along? what are you knitting?do you have much experience with sweet georgia yarns? do you think mine will bloom enough with a blocking? xo


  1. Such a good attitude...sorry you had to frog, dear. you certainly seem to be on track though! good for you!
    Wouldn't Jane be just the person to ask about the yarn/sweater combo post-blocking?

  2. hummm I would swatch at the new needle size and block it before you went further. You don't want to do all that work, finish the sweater and then realize when its blocked that it too drapey.

  3. Frogging is the worst. No wait - tinking is the worst. I'd rather frog. But it looks like you still have some mighty good progress despite having to start again. I love the colour you've chosen. I have no idea about blooming yarns, though

    1. Totally with you on the tinking...seriously awful and I've had to do three rows of it with my sweater already (not all in a row separate rows).

  4. Awwww, Becca so sorry you had to frog but you're right much better to frog and knit something you love than to waste time & yarn on something you'll never wear.

    I love the color and can't wait to see more progress next week :)

  5. thanks everyone for your comments. i've decided to frog again. i absolutely love the georgia cardi though, and this yarn. but i'm gonna accept it can't be done on the knit picks needles. so i'm off to find a smaller needle :) you guys are awesome. thanks for your tips! (and knitterly hugs). xo

  6. I agree with CelticCastOn. Wash up what you've got and see what happens. The color is so pretty!

  7. Such a frustrating start. But better to frog and have a sweater you are happy with then continue while you hope and pray it will work.

  8. ok well here's the thing. today i trekked out to a fiber store in the not so close area.. haha jane picked me and the little up, and i've scooped up 3 sets of knit picks circulars. wahoo! so i do get gauge finally, on 3mm needles. i'm totally a loose knitter, it seems. so yippee for having the needles i love and at a gauge i love! georgia is back on track ladies! thanks so much for your tips and advice! MUCH appreciated! xo


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