colour me happy :)

hello weekend!!!! today is gonna be a beautiful day! and though we're not camping this weekend... (next weekend for sure)... we've got a full one packed.
dinners out, guests over, knit night pub night and a heckuva lot of knitting...
for realz

and as it's still "knit in public" and as i mentioned it's gonna be a beaut of a day... i'm proposing a picnic in the park. plenty of sunscreen, some shade... a biiiig blanket... and our knitting... some books, some toys... lots of cuddles, laughter, and well knitting! wanna come? it's gonna be good.

what are you up to today? come chat! i love hearing from you :) xo


  1. 'Knit in public' that's great - I have to introduce that here!

    1. you for sure should!!! though i always knit in public :) love it. xo


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