latest crushes

good morning! how was your weekend? what did you get up to? mine was great! i finally got to bask in the sunshine... (maybe a little too much). i had a very busy weekend, and now i'm trying to organize my week. isn't there always lots to do? my line lately seems to be "no rest for the weary"....
so as i sort out my brain, my knitting, my deadlines, and everything else... i thought i'd share a few crushes. :)

i'm getting super excied to see some springtime blooms on my balcony. mixed with the herbs, it will smell soo good. now that we're finally getting some wonderful sunshine, i plan on spending lots of time outside...

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

i'm seriously crushing on socks lately. though i don't even have any on the needles! as soon as deadlines come and go, i'll be able to focus on a pair... oohhhh summer sock knitting... yes! you with me?

as long as we're all struggling through this cold here at home, i sooo wish i could yarn bomb my kleenex box. it would almost make it worth it being sick.

seriously. that is the awesomest kleenex box.. ever.

here's wishing you a lovely monday. full of exciting projects and plans this week!  what's on your needles? any exciting plans? are you crushing on anything lately? i'd love to hear about it! xo


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