tops, tanks, & tees

it's announcement time!
shannon and i are excited to let you know what our next kal will be! and we're giving you a wee bit of a heads up so you have time to pick your pattern, find the perfect yarn, and swatch for it...
it's our very first  "Tops, Tanks & Tees KAL"
wahoo! are ya excited!? i know i am!!
i am really loving that knitting has come so far as to include much closer fit garments using much lighter fibers... it's not just big bulky sweaters all the time.... and i'm loving the possibilities that this holds!! so while you're pondering on the perfect pattern... wanna see some of my faves?

 the pics in clockwise form are
- make up your mind racerback tank by knittedblissJC  you know i've knitted this tank before, though i had made it too short, so i'm determined to make it again, and i just might have the perfect yarn for it... i'm still considering though...
- gemini by jane richmond  it should be no surprise to you by now that i love anything by jane. for real. and the fact that she's one of my besties, and i get to spend my knit nights with her doesn't change anything ;)
- pucker by norah gaughan  i love norah's patterns are a big part of the knitting world, and i've got more than one of her patterns on my que and favourites list!
- raindance by heidi kirrmair  .. i have always been a fan of heidi's patterns. she's another talented canadian designer. her patterns always look so cozy. from tees to dresses, they've all got nice fit!

and again in clockwise:
- paper dolls by kate davies  ...now this is one inspirational designer. she's got huge talent in colourwork, and is a lover of the outdoors. love it! love her.as well as her incredible photos of her hikes in scotland. i want to go there....
- buttercup by heidi kirrmair ... i've had this pattern in my que for a while.. but i would definitely do this in a much brighter colour.
- roxborough dolman by courtney kelley ...the first time i saw this tee, i wanted to knit it. how cozy does this look? so so cozy. and i might have a little thing for stripes ;)
- plivver by gudrun johnston ...honestly this woman oozes talent. i love love her work. enough said.

just the idea of being able to have so many other options in knitted garments gets me excited about knitting up a top.
i hope you're as excited about this kal as we are!

this is just the announcement though. shannon and i wanted to give you some time to pick your pattern, and find the perfect yarn, and get that swatch done before we cast on... this is an official 2 week heads up!

start date: april 11th, 2012
end date: may 23rd, 2012 (and you know they'll be prizes! but that will be announced the following week)

you'll need to sign up for this lovely kal, and you'll find all of the deets over on luvinthemommyhood, including a link to the signup sheet.

and the famous buttons that shannon so wonderfully designs will be up soon for us all to sport!
want to know what i've chosen for the project?

Source: knitty.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

i absolutely love the gemini pattern. the fact that you can wear this two different ways is ingenious! i've already chosen my yarn for it too... and it will be a first for me. i'm going to be knitting in 100% linen. and if you ask me, that's perfect for spring and summer wear! wahoo! i'm super excited.

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

i also totally love the photos that jane has provided. there's just something about the ocean and the mountains that will always call to me xo and i know it's the same pattern that shannon is knitting, but it's ok. we like being all matchy-matchy. ;)

so hurry your bums. grab your needles, and head on over to luvinthemommyhood to sign up for this amazing kal! then quick as quick can be, get your pattern and yarn! i can't wait to see what you'll all decide to knit.
don't forget about our ravelry group. if you have any questions, or concerns, or just plain want to excitedly chat about this kal, go check it out! we love your company.

i'm so excited to see what you'll be creating! do you already have a fave pattern out there just calling your name? a favourite summer fiber that you just have to work with! trying something new for the first time? i'm in the mood to chat!! and i'm just about to make a big pot of coffee. xo


  1. pinned my favorites...http://pinterest.com/ummashin/knitting-project-a-to-z/

    Excited about this one!

    1. i love that board! i'm totally following it now :) yep i'm excited about this too! xo

  2. yay for tops, tanks & tees! Loved your picks!

    1. xo! i keep forgetting how many awesome ones are out there! but i'm super excited to knit up the gemini with you! xo

  3. I'm in I'm in!
    I started Gemini on the way home... then I realized I had it twisted....... how I managed to do that I'll never know but I'll just restart on april 11th :) I have a few things to finish up before then so the timing will be perfect.

    1. wahoo!! horray for gemini knitting! which yarn do you have for it? xo

    2. I'm using sublime organic cotton.

    3. beautiful! that's gonna feel so amazing when you get to wear it! xo

  4. I might join in! The Gemini looks beautiful :)

    Lisa (Anthony's Mom)

    1. lisa! you absolutely should join in!!!xo

  5. So I dove into my mags...specifically spring/summer and picked out a few patterns I wanted to check up on Ravelry. I like to check out finish pics of garments I want to knit on live, human bodies in different shapes than the mag models...as I was checking out my top picks I found this one

    I have a pattern crush! I'm really hoping my bestie has a copy of the mag it was in otherwise I'll buy my own copy of the pattern. Best part? It doesn't use that much yarn...should have something in the stash :)

    1. it's always a bonus when you can use yarn from your stash, right? yippee for KAL's! especially stash busting ones! xo

  6. I might join! I am doing a test knit right now but my deadline is april 10th...so it's totally normal to start a kal the day after, right? I reallllly want to knit the roxborough dolman! In fact, now I'm looking at yarn. Ohh boy.

    1. yippeee!! most definitely join! you can start at any time throughout the kal. we even have lots of people who do more than one item. (if you can believe it) :) so excited. i love the roxborough dolman. do it dooo ittt!!! xoxoxo

    2. ughhh...enabler! I'm looking at using the same yarn as used in the original, and you know i already have the magazine the pattern is in sooo.... I think I will. I just can't decide on colors now!

    3. yippeee! hahaha yes i am an enabler! hee heee. xo

    4. ughhh now I am indecisive about the pattern again! Would this count? http://www.tentenknits.com/tentenknits/2012/03/pg-58.html it's a tee, right? kinda?

    5. yep that would count! who knows you might fly through your project, and have time to make another! :) xo


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