final push!

today is my day to make the final push to finish everything for all sprung out. i can't believe the weekend is coming up so quickly! i have a bit more crafting to finish, then it's to creating a mock table. if you've ever planned for a market, you'd be surprised at how beneficial this step is. knowing just how you want everything displayed, before the actual event makes for set up that much more stress free :) and on the day of your market, it's really all about having fun.. and i've got to tell ya, i'm getting excited!

and if you live on vancouver island, i'd looove to see you! there will be more than 50 vendors! live music, food, and i've got to tell ya i'm feeling great vibes!
if you are planning on heading out to this fab event, the details are all on the poster above. (obv. hahaha). but if you have any other questions, just msg me here. or on my facebook page :) 
there will be lots of parking, and an atm close by as well. so come, and bring your friends! xo

in other news.... i thought i'd throw in a mention of this amazing giveaway from tanis fiber arts.

photo from tanisfiberarts.blogspot.ca

i've still never knit with her yarns, and i sooooo want to! don't they look lovely?? gush. one day i totally vow to knit with her yarn. and if i were to win this giveaway, i could! but if i didn't win, maybe you will!!! check out her giveaway here  and mention i sent ya! the giveaway is for an entire kit! wowza. yeah, it's a good one. you'll not want to miss out on it. seriously. go. check. it. out.

 it's a very generous, and gorgeous giveaway!
anyways, have fun entering! and i hope you have a lovely, craft-filled day!

what do you have going on today? it's pouring rain here, and we had a big wind storm last night. so we're huddled up here, baking bread, and crafting away. i'm sure we'll watch a movie too... perfect for rainy days. :) are you a fan of entering giveaways? do you enter every one, or are you selective? have you ever knit with tanis fiber arts? come chat! there's always coffee. xo


  1. Good luck finishing everything! Take pics if you can, I want to see what you come up with!

    I finished my Classic Raglan. Check it out on the blog/rav when you get a chance! I love it so much, I want to make another one!

    1. hannah, i saw it! it's gorgeous, and fits you like a glove! congrats on finishing it! what colour do you want to make your next one in? hee hee. i absolutely have to take pics of mine. i've made two.. (one for the class sample). honestly it's getting to be a bit ridiculous. i need to take pictures ;) xo

  2. I'm knitting up a storm. I decided 2 days ago that I'm going to knit Elsa a top for Easter...The Spring Garden Teehttp://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spring-garden-tee . Then it dawned on me since it is a top down I could just make it into a dress! So, we stopped at the library I picked up a movie for after the kids go to bed and have my fingers crossed that I can get past the sleeves tonight!

    In other news I checked out the 1st book in the Hunger Games series though I may have to reward the knitting with reading ;) My bestie also had the pattern for the top I'm gonna make for the KAL...though I'm thinking I'll redo the gauge for *gasp* sock yarn...more deets to come :)

    Good luck with market on Saturday!

    1. goodness that is a cute tee!!! and it would make an adorable dress!! do you have your sock yarn at the ready?
      i bet you'll love the hunger games. it's only slightly addicting. haha.


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