a tidbit for you...

did you know? it's national sweater day!!!

haha i couldn't really believe this when i saw it. i'm thinking i must be new here though... as there is this whole big website devoted to it and everything! yes. i must have been sleeping, or out of it or just not paying attention...
in fact... the more i think about it, the more i bet i'm really the only one that didn't already know about it.. hahah.
so for the very few of you who didn't know about this.... let me indulge you...
let's start with the website!  WWF and loblaw are asking everyone to lower the heat today to help conserve energy.  and now the grannies are all on board to get you to wear those sweaters they've been gifting you but you never wear. haha.
i think it's a great cause!
and so i thought i'd show you a few golden finds.

Source: macys.com via Keshia on Pinterest

Source: ebay.com via Anneke on Pinterest
Source: google.com via Laura on Pinterest
and my personal fave...

but in all honestly, this is a great cause! i love it! i'm totally donning my sweater today. (it's not anything like these gems, though)

how about you? did you already know about today? what's your "fave" sweater. haha. hope you're all keeping warm, without the heat turned up! come chat! xo


  1. I was excited when I found the website last week. I set up granny calls for my sister and hubby. Although hubs didn't get his. My sister was really confused, haha.

    1. really? that's awesome!! love it!


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