hurrah for friday!

are you excited to see the weekend too?

thank you all very much for your well wishes to the family. grandpa gunderson will be missed greatly, but we are soo happy he had such a wonderful, and long life! just a day short of 95 years!
it's been so nice to see family again. my hubs has been most grateful, i know.

we're on our way home later tonight. so this weekend will be full of laundry and cleaning. ummmm yay? lol. i plan to get in some reading too. (new book from christmas.. and i can hardly put it down!)

i'm sure i'll get some crafting in though. it's a must.

how has your week been? so sorry for the quick posts this week... next week i'll be making it up to you, i promise. but i miss you all and want to hear how you're doing, and what you're up to this weekend. what crafty endevors are you up to? this girl's gotta know! xo


  1. Ooo, what booked are you lost in?
    Hope the laundry and cleaning was a little exciting that laundry and cleaning. ;)

    1. it's actually the hunger games. my sil gave it to me for christmas. i hadn't heard of it at all... but it's a very quick read. totally addictive! xo


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