sweater obsessed

i have to say..i 'm noticing a lot of sweater love in the world of pinterest lately. that's probably because i follow a lot of knitting boards... but that being said.. there's still a lot of sweater love going around... have you noticed that too?
a little while back, i fell  in love with this sweater.... i'm sure you remember, because i only couldn't stop talking about it...
but i've held restraint.. and haven't bought the yarn for it... yet. next group order though. i totally am...
and then i've been thinking so so much about this sweater lately...

Source: ravelry.com via Heather on Pinterest

 it's georgia. by jane richmond. and i want to knit it soo bad. in sweet georgia yarn too. and i just might... the cloth castle has a selection of tough love sock that i'm oohing and aaahhing over. and i'm down to two colours. i could use your help :)

i got these pics from the sweet georgia website...  (incase you're wondering). and the one on the left is cayenne... this is the colour that jane is wearing in her pic. but then i'm also loving ginger.
what do you think?
of course, i'm also in love with audrey. and i'm torn, because i want to knit them all up.
and i just need more time in my day to sit and knit.
tell me, i'm not the only one with this predicament. ok?

maybe it's the damp weather that's got me itching to knit sweaters like it's nobody's business, i don't know... but i'm clearly obsessed today. so while i think and ponder, and get advice from you... i'll work on my classic raglan pullover... in this yarn..

hrmmm maybe i have a yellow and orange thing going on? perhaps i should think of a different colour? honestly though, choosing colours has always been overwhelming for me... help!

alright. i'll make more coffee for you... as well as popcorn. because, that's the kind of day we are going to have. xo


  1. Hmmm, I really like the Cayenne color ... I would maybe go that way since your Raglan is going to be yellow ;)
    I am already thinking of my next sweater! First I have to finish my Breezy Cardi and then I have a sweater's worth of Wool-Ease in Charcoal, LOL; but I really want to make another one of Hannah Fettig's cardis, and an Audrey :D

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Well I vote for the 'cayenne'. I think both colors are beautiful and would look great on you...but the 'ginger' looks close in color to the one you are working on now...so might be fun to make the next one in a different shade :) Can't wait to see them when they are done!
    Talk soon!
    Lisa (nthony's mom)

    1. whoops *Anthony's* mom - the kids were jumping all over me as I was typing - haha!

  3. I was going to say go for the ginger, but then I saw the yarn you already have for the pullover. So I browsed through the colorways. Not to say cayenne isn't great. It is, but I think the sweater would also look fab in Savory.

  4. Both colors are lovely but I would love to see the Georgia knit up in the Ginger colorway. So you end up with two yellow sweaters - nothing wrong with that!

    My sweater to-do list is nearly identical to yours but I keep getting sidetracked by shawl envy. I am trying to zoom through my rustic shawl so I can wear the darn thing already.

    Can't wait to see what you decide?!

  5. I'd go for ginger, but then I always end up with sameish color sweaters... I'm currently working on a georgia in compostion grey madtosh. Delish, but I think I might be crazy for trying a sweater's worth of fingering!

  6. Ginger! How amazing would Georgia look in Ginger, truly! I am noticing a yellow theme though... you know how I feel about yellow <3

  7. I think the Cayenne would be absolutely lovely on you!! You have just the right colouring to pull it off. I love that colour, but so can't wear it next to my face. Le sigh. Socks it'll have to be for me!

    I'm tempted to knit another Georgia, but am determined to knit Audrey first! I even have to yarn all ready to go for it. But alas, haven't bought the pattern yet and am still waiting for my mojo to return. :/ I'm also dying to knit up Sedum...blasted mojo!

  8. Well I say BOTH! Stripe it and get the best of both worlds...in fact throw in a third color maybe a dark charcoal grey and then do a fun stripe sequence like 1, 3, 5, 1, 5, 3...or something else...it'd be really awesome in the garter stitch top!

    That is my advice :)

  9. Love the sweater, and there totally is sweater craze going on right now! Maybe I just think that because I'M knitting one though :P I love the golden color but I may be biased because I've been obsessed with yellow lately. I think its just a nice cheery color to beat the winter blues!

  10. hahaha oh everyone you're making this decision hard for me! i so wish i could just help myself to all of the sweet georgia yarn in the world... (wouldn't we all?) eeks! i just don't know! but now i'm feeling the love for this sweater more than ever... i might just have to pop on over to the cloth castle and scoop up some yarn before it's gone! decisions, decisions...
    owlmazingmakes - what sweater are you knitting? is it a georgia?
    buffy - haha of course you would tell me to do both. and then give me the sequence. ;) you're awesome
    melissa - i love your georgia! what colour are you knitting audrey in? i am sooo needing to knit that one as well.. but colour choices are clearly hard for me. maybe i should just come and knit your stash up for you. ha. (kidding). your mojo will come back soon. and when it does.. world, watch out!
    jane - if i knit it in ginger, we'd have to share sweaters... that way we could wear both. ;)
    rachel - ooOo madelinetosh in grey? drooool! i bet this will look amazing! can't wait to see it!
    hannah - we do have the same que i bet! how much farther do you have to go for your rustic shawl?
    sara - look at you adding another gorgeous colourway to my already confused mind! xo the savory would look lovely too.. totally agree!
    lisa - you know i'll totally show you!
    kristy - ohmy i love all of your sweater choices! you're amazing!


    1. Yup! That's what I do...I go against the flow and tell others how to do it too :)

  11. hummm they are both lovely colours and you'd look great in either... not much help... I'm partial to yellow's and gold's though.

    1. seriously! i'm torn here. everyone is half and half. hahaha. i'll have to sleep on it. :)

  12. I think you'd rock either option. There is no wrong choice here. ;)

    1. haha rosa. you're really not helping here. ;) but maybe that means i'll just have to evenutally use both of those colours ;) xo


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