the weekend was a blast. soo fun. and crafty! our knit night was held at a pub this week. oh goodness, did we ever have fun. hahah. many laughs were had, and i'm even surprised at  the amount of knitting that did happen! we were out until the wee hours of the morning. hahaa. and then we're so hard-core.. the next day we had our modern-sewing meetup. so fun!

i bought myself a sewing machine about two and a half years ago. but i'm not a very comfortable sewer. however, i'm learning and i'm eager to learn more :)

meet... "star-1" i honestly don't have any idea where he gets these names... but owen has a special thing for stars i suppose. seriously. lol.

i have stuck with safe for this project. not a whole lot of shaping.. but i think that's what makes him so uber cute! i have some anna maria horner that i thought would be perfect for this project. it's from the folksy flannel collection. and it's oh-so-soft.

this is my little own design. and trust me, he's verrry huggable. a little pillow monster is just the right addition to a reading nook for my 4 year old. (or so i am envisioning.) i thought it would be a great idea to start collecting little projects that i could use as baby gifts or shower pressies or something.. but owen is very quick to claim them. hrmmmm.....  i kind of just went with it as i was sewing. with lots of tips from my sewing pals.. he came together pretty quickly. a little embroidering, buttons, and stuffing... and voila! he's not perfect. but that's what makes him so cute. i tried out my first invisible seam. (yes. first!)
 (and i totally had not intended for the flowers to line up. so that's why they look crooked. ha).

this is why our modern sewing group is a big thing for me! i am learning a lot, and i have very patient friends ;) it's mostly a lot of our knit night gals, plus some other fab. sewers. we get together once a month. and it's really the perfect amount of time for us to get some sewing done without any big interruptions.

i have a goal though. i want to sew a garment for me. for spring and summer... this year..... the idea of exact measurements is a little scary for me, because i just always think i'll screw it up. haha. but as with any new craft, i need to practice, and push myself. i do have a dress in mind... but i'm still thinking on it. so i'll let ya know.. eventually ;)

as i went searching for "star-1" to take a few pictures, i realized owen has himself a cute little posse of handmade stuffies....

these have all accumulated over the years.. but i have to say, i love that they are well loved and played with.
and just in case you're wondering... the projects from left to right are:
a. monster (free pattern found here on tip junkie)
b. monster pillow (my little design)
c. "collect-star" (pattern: sheldon from knitty) more pics here
d. "socktopus" (free pattern here from knitty)
e.  "muno" (pattern by michelle vess found here on ravelry)
f.  "robot" (pattern: louie the lovebot by rebecca danger)
g. "star" (pattern: crochet amigurumi rudy. from michaels.com)

i tried searching for the rudy pattern, but it seems to be no longer available. also i realize there is one more:

this is kate. pattern found here on knitty. so yes. we have quite a collection of stuffies here ;) haha...
but back to the sewing... i know i can do it... but i'm a wee bit scared....
as soon as i begin tackling the project though, i'll let ya know!

thank goodness for our modern sewing meet-ups!

how was your weekend? did you have a blast? what kind of crafting did you get up to? i'd love to hear about it! do you dabble in both sewing and yarn-y crafts? do you prefer one over the other? how do you find the balance? the coffee is on, and i'm ready to chat! xo


  1. Wow, I can't believe you finished it already! It looks so great!

    1. thanks! jane and i ended up staying until 5 so that helped. :)

  2. Super cute! I also really like the socktopus...I think I need to make one ;)


    1. lisa, you should most definitely make a socktopus! i'll help you if you'd like :) xo

  3. Great job on the pillow! so happy I could watch/help that little guy come to life! Hugs!

    1. i honestly had such a fun time with him! and i learned stuff too! thanks to you :) xo

  4. So cute! I like your little man's collection of handmade stuffies!

    My goal is sew up a few garments myself this spring too. My biggest hurdle is trying to find fabric that I like and am willing to wear without feeling like I've wrapped a quilt around me. :/ Good luck with the dress, I'm sure you'll rock at it! :)

    1. do you have a fave place to shop for fabric? any fave patterns you want to try? mine will be most easy of course ;) xo


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