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i really should be more awake right now. i'm already half way through my second cup of coffee... but i still feel very sleepy ;) but i have an excellent reason. here's why. i finally started watching "downton abbey" last night. my friends really weren't kidding when they warned me that i couldn't watch just one episode. ha. i only watched two...(i did get a bunch of knitting done during that time too... so it's all good!) .... but then i had to read more of the "hunger games". i have to hurry up and finish that series... so that brought me to almost "too late to be up"... ;)    ...que more coffee...

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and then my little guy had a nightmare, and so i let him sleep with me last night. always when the hubs has to go away for work (for several days at a time), things go a little off of our normal schedule. and i tend to let a couple of things slide. so last night i let him sleep with me. and man, for  a little guy, he can sure be a bed hog! ha! i was kicked most of the night. hahahaha. oh well. at least he's refreshed and ready to tackle the day with luster! (awesome)

lol i love that pic!

aaand so i thought i'd just start out the day with something i really like... and i thought i'd share it with you... right now, it's cables... sooo gorgeous, and fluffy, and intricate, i just like them...
here's a few of my faves:

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Source: us.asos.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

yeah.. now my day has started out right ;) of course i have more faves... but i think this is enough for today, yes?
i would love to snuggle up in a cabled sweater or huge socks, and huddle around a campfire right now. so awesome! but realistically, it is february.. so i'll have to be a little more patient ;)

do you have a favourite thing to share? something that you're just "digging" lately? do you also share my pain of purposely going to bed far too late because things like "downton abbey" and the "hunger games" call to you? do share! i'm about to have my third cup of coffee now. haha. i'll make more coffee for you! xo


  1. I think that I have a couple late nights ahead of me...I'm woefully behind on Husband's sweater and tomorrow is the last of the month. I have a baby sweater I must finish (the shower is on Thursday) but I just have one sleeve left to go. Then I'll be knitting up a storm. I'm almost to the decrease for the sleeves and then I'll have to split the front so it should go fairly fast...we'll see.

    Downton Abbey...oh how I love it! I really need to get my hands on a copy. Apparently the UK version is longer...so I want that edition.

    1. you can do it though, buffy! and the nice thing with downton abbey... you can knit while you watch ;) to it's completely justifiable. :) xo

  2. Oh yes, I spent a week watching Downton Abbey (first season) in back-to-back episodes while knitting and it was wonderful!! Love all your images of cable-y knits. I've recently been into shawls and raglan sleeve cardigans and all I want to do is look at those patterns and cast on.

    1. ooOOo i'm a big fan of raglan sleeve cardi's. i should knit one this summer... how about you? KAL? ;) I'm having difficulty with episodes 3 and 4 of downton abbey though. (still on first season... as i just started it yesterday). i hope i can get it to work tonight! if not, i'll be sorely disappointed! xo

  3. That is a hard to resist combo: Downton Abby and the Hunger Games! I haven't allowed myself to start watching Downton Abby since I know I will get sucked in. And the Hunger Games keep me up so late at night! I love the cables.

    1. haha well consider yourself either lucky that you only have the hunger games keeping you up, or left out because downton abbey is soooo good!!! hahaha. oh goodnes... i don't think i've ever been as sucked in to something (besides knitting).... before! but at least i can knit as well as watch downton abbey or read the hunger games... so it's totally justifiable. right? xo

    2. Definitely justifiable! I decided to take the plunge and watch Downton Abbey. And knit something at the same time! I'm calling it my Downton Abbey Project. http://ducklingsinarow.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/downton-abbey-project/


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