weekend re-cap

what a weekend! i had so much fun!

(honestly! don't let this picture fool you, i was giving owen the eye.. he kept trying to jump in front of the camera. haha)

for a first market, i think i did fairly well! it was in a smaller location, but we had 2 rooms. i loved the room i was in. and it was so fun to meet other vendors. i'm definitely inspired to do more markets, that's for sure! i had so many lovely comments from customers and browsers.

i know that as i become more practiced at markets, my table will be tweaked... but i'm really pleased with how it looked.

i had so many friends help me and encourage me! i feel like one very lucky girl. my knit night girls has lots of tips and advice on display, ... and actually a fair amount of the items were designed by jane richmond! i honestly love every. one. of her patterns, and she's graciously given me permission to sell from them! yippee!!

and i have to give a big thank you to mandy of sugar + candy for helping me with the banner and apron. i absolutely looove how it turned out! i think it looks great!

i so enjoyed this experience so very much! i had to re-create my shop at home. hahaa seriously. i did.

this is really a room where i feel inspired in!

and now on my to-do list? re-open the etsy shop! no excuses now, i'm inspired, and excited! though now that i feel like i've got a shop here at home, maybe i should just hold an open house :) i actually do have something in mind, promotion wise for facebook fans of nook! so if you haven't "liked" nook yet on facebook, it's a good time to do so!
of course, there's also christmas knitting! it's less than 3 weeks away now! yikes! good thing we're doing a low key gifting this year :) of course, my list is still long :) but isn't that part of the fun of chrsitmas? the crazy craft sessions?!

a big thank you to everyone who supported me this past weekend! not only in purchases, and in set up, but also in your words of encouragement and cheers. honestly, such a fun experience for me! also a big thank you to my hubs, and little man... they came and helped me set up and take down... what troopers!

have you ever done a market? what were your experiences? thoughts? i'd love to chat! xo


  1. Your booth looked amazing! Great banner. I'm SO glad you're happy with how it went.

  2. thanks so much amy!! and thanks for the teapot tip! xo

  3. Your booth looks so awesome! I especially like the mannequin head decked out in the hat and cowl next to a mirror! I always thought it was funny that people who were selling accessories didn't have a mirror in their booth for their customers to see how the item looks on them.

    Wish I had been able to support you in person! :) After seeing all those knitted items...WOW!! You really were a knitting machine. I bow down to your speedy quick needles.

    Can't wait to see what you'll be whipping up now!

    PS: Those vests are so bloody cute! Loves it!

  4. Looks great Rebecca! :) You're so talented!!


  5. Thank you for all of the pictures and the thorough recap! I so wanted to stop in and see you but it wasn't in the cards. Your booth looks so incredible and I love, love, LOVE the banner and apron, how on earth did you guys accomplish that, it looks so amazing!

    Here's to an exciting relaunch of your Etsy Shop!!! Woohoo!

  6. WAY TO GO!!! that looks amazing! WELL DONE!

  7. thanks everyone! i really had such a fun time!!! sorry i'm so slow in responding to you today.. (pulled neck muscle). i'm still knitting though, so no worries :) xo

  8. Wow! It looks fantastic! Such a beautifully stocked shop!

  9. thanks! now to get it up on etsy! :)


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