so much to look forward to!

we haven't had summer weather all too long out on the west coast of canada, and already we're into full fledged fall planning. it's ok though, fall i think is a knitter's favourite time of year. it certainly is mine!

source: 1. www.becomingart-handmade.com 2. brooklyntweed.net

i can never get enough of fall colours... they are sooo cozy and comforting. cinnamon, pumpkin, spice, moss, wintergreen ... love it! i become beyond inspired! also, when the weather starts getting a little cooler, i just want to wrap myself up in these lovely creations. not to mention sipping my fave latte.

Source: None via Rebecca on Pinterest

oh yum.
and the recipes! fall and winter recipes are just plain awesome. of course summer is too. i love it all, but i've gotta say, i'm a sucker for comfort food.

as if i weren't inspired enough theses days, luvinthemommyhood posted about something super duper awesome a few days ago!
have you heard of celebrate color? it's simply the best idea!! basically it encourages you to create and use full fall colours. love it!!
there are even prizes!! yep. i'm in! :) check out shannon's post about it for more details. and then join in too!! you can even grab a nifty little button and put it up on your sidebar.

Celebrate Color

yep, i'm looking forward to the fall. and my yarn stash will grow in abundance, i'm sure of it :) this weekend is a full one for me :) much knitting to be accomplished! i'll be making an appearance over at the cloth castle to introduce myself, and show off some samples for the upcoming classes. there's knit night tonight, (unless we're hosting a dinner party... which i'm ok with too) and since we've been gone for the past few weeks on holidays, and now i finally have my kitchen back... there is the most enormous grocery shop to do as well.

how is your weekend looking? are you getting inspired by fall to create? what is on your needles? i'd love to chat! and if you're in the area, come by to the cloth castle to say hi!


  1. Seriously I need a passport and a teleporter...I NEED to travel more, specifically to where you are :)

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and are totally in love with your new floors. And yes Fall is the knitters favorite time of year, sweaters are in, warmth is cool and knitting is at its best.

  2. agreed buffy! come and visit!!!!

  3. I loooove all those beautiful fall colors. And yes, pumpkin spice lattes. :)

  4. but lucky you, Lindsay.. you get to be around these colours every day! sigh ;) you just let me know when you want me to come and pretend to be you for the day... i'll even bring you a pumpkin spice latte :)


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