back on track.. and a reveal!

well as best as we can be :) i can't believe that it's the week of september 1st already! so now is as good a time as any to get back into a routine, and a schedule of sorts. speaking of routine... here's our meals for the week. it's been a while since i've posted about this! well.. back at 'er!
we're going for very simple this week, as the hubs is working nights... so dinners are just me and owen. i made these rosemary potatoes a few weeks ago and looove it! i don't know why i never really thought to put rosemary in potatoes before... but yummmmm... have to do it again. as for the lazy man's risotto? it's basically no wine... but i suppose it's still a lot of stirring. oh well... i suppose one meal this week could take a little extra work.

i'm just soo glad to have my kitchen back! no more storage in there!!! the floors are done. wanna see??

i am very very happy with it. it's even better than the old floor.... which, in my opinion had too much red. these guys were fantastic! they even repainted my baseboards... lovely. do you like it? a tiny secret... the hubs picked out the flooring! i'm so impressed :)
so now that things are pretty much back in their place, and meal planning has started up again.... i'm feeling pretty good about the beginning of this week...  and the beginning of this season.
the knitting is about to kick in full force! classes are filling up, and i couldn't be happier. bliss. :)
here's a little of what you have to look forward to!

oh so pretty, don't ya think? i love red.

so stay tuned! i've got lots planned, and lots to share! get your needles ready! it's gonna be an epic season ;)

are you ready for september 1st? are you as excited for fall knitting as i am? what are you up to this week? i'd love to hear from you, and i'm in the mood to chat!


  1. Even though this summer has been wonderfully delightful I am sooooo excited for Fall. Of course it means a lot more work and not so many lazy days but right now I'm focusing on wearing sweaters, layering, fashion and of course knitting! Super excited...now if I could just plan a birthday party for the princess all will be well.

  2. Oh my, the floors are beautiful Rebecca! ...and I love red too! I'm still on the mainland but wait until you see what I've picked up during my trip... we'll be red twins!

  3. jane - i'm already jealous, i can tell!!! i want some sweet georgia yarn sooo bad. hahaha. can't wait!
    buffy - love love love the layered look. i'm all about that. ;)


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