well hello, june...

i can't believe it's june.. june already! but i'm pretty excited that it's here.

may was a very busy month for us. it was a good month, but so very full..  i feel like now we can finally get back into a routine. and that is precisely the plan. i am very much looking forward to regular meal plans, play dates, normal bedtimes, and knit nights! and it's important to mention that the hubs will be home this summer! no sailing!!!! oh yes. i feel a good summer coming.

as i'm still working through these swatches i've been posting about, i'm also trying to finish a sweater for the hubs that he's only been waiting about 7 years for... (it's a wonderful sweater, just so. much. yarn.) .... and today i'm going to be working on stocking the etsy shop with goodies! i'll be sure to give you notice about the update asap. :) i've also got a goodie planned for you this month. yippee!

how are you doing today? what's on your needles? are you as excited for summer as i am? leave me a comment, i'd love to chat with you.


  1. I was so excited this weekend I was able to get 6 inches knit in the body of my cardi! After I split for the sleeves I knit until my skein ran out then I picked up and did the collar (7 inch of double rib) which I did to break up the monotony of stocking stitch...best decision ever because it looks so pretty I just have to finish it now!

  2. yaaayyy! well done! now that's productive knitting! :) is this the deborah newton sweater?

  3. No, the Gooseberry Cardigan. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna save the deborah newton one for Shannon's KAL...I keep wavering :P

  4. oh well i love the gooseberry cardi. soooo pretty!!! what colour are you knitting it in again? for shannon's KAL... DO IT!! :) you could totally do it!

  5. For the Gooseberry it is out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Blackberry, so a dark purple. So lovely.

    For the KAL I'll be using Knit Picks Gloss, double stranded in Pumpkin...I bought the yarn a couple years ago for another sweater but got bored with it...probably because I had to knit it in US 2's and 4's...it was supposed to be for the hubs :0

  6. mmmmm pumpkin sounds lovely! i like that colour a lot. it's going to be beautiful!!


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