swatch happy

i told ya i'd be back today with swatches. both are knitted on a 3.25mm needle... and i guess i caved and am showing you the colours as well :) it's ok, i know you won't tell anyone. so what do you think?

i wanted to take a picture with my hand in it so you could get a sense of how small these stitches are... and here's the other one...

the first swatch is definitely airier, you know? hmmm so what are your thoughts? to remind you, this is for the featherweight cardigan, by hannah fettig.

also... ummm as i kind of wandered into my lys today since owen's grandma and papa were watching him this morning while i had a dental appointment downtown.... they happened to have a habu trunk show going on! how lucky am i?? it was gorgeous! such a different way of knitting! i really wished that i had my camera.... but some of the items were knitted with stainless steel, with paper linen, just a different assortment of fibers! i am definitely more inspired to pull out my linen and work on something with that. *swoon*

of course i didn't leave empty handed. it's not often i can peruse a yarn store alone! it was a treat for sure. and here are the treats i may have collected... well no i totally collected them.. hee hee

you could say i'll be keeping myself busy ;)

how is your day coming along? have any of you ever knitted in the japanese style? or with such different fibers as stainless steel? i'd love to hear about it! drop me a line, and let's chat!


  1. Oh, I know the feeling of getting a break from the kids and going to a yarn shop. When I was pregnant with my last I had to have some dental work done...great excuse to get away from the kids and of course to go get some yarn!

    It all looks so yummy.

    The first swatch is defintely airy and would need to be doubled up. Yet I just have to caution you with the alpaca, my very dear friend just made a very nice sweater for herself out of alpaca and it grew...a lot. If you go for it I'd probably make 1 size smaller than you planned so that when the yarn grows you won't feel like you're putting on a dressing gown ;)


  2. ooOOooo... good point!! thanks! i'd hate to have the sleeves too long and yes, pretty much the dressing gown delima...
    it would be super warm though... the alpaca... and i have enough yarn for the sweater with that... with the first swatch needing to be doubled up, i feel like i'd have to find another project for it... hrmmmmm...
    thanks for your tips!
    isn't it lovely that we can find ourselves actually excited with dental appointments? haha. the things we do to be in a yarn store alone.. :)

  3. and now to finish the sweater for the hubs. eek! i want it done before we cast on for this one... i'm crazy, indeed.

  4. Jealous of that yarn stash my dear. Call moi :)

  5. i totally will... tonight?

  6. Okay so maybe this is a totally crazy idea...but it is how I think. What if you were to knit the sweater double stranded but with both of the yarns? That way you could get the stability of the first yarn to prevent the growing of the alpaca. The colours look like they go together well, but even if they didn't you could always overdye it when you're finish.

    Again just a thought...and I too am jealous of your yarn stash :)

  7. eeek! that's very adventurous! (sp?) i have never tried dying yarn yet...
    you do have a great point though, by giving the stability of the yarn... hrmmm... i would most likely knit the alpaca in a size smaller... and make sure the sleeves or the body isn't too long pre blocking....


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