hair help

to be clear... i'm not giving help, i need it! haha.
and also, this post is pretty random. if you like talking about hair styles though, please stick around! for you yarnies out there... i totally put in a picture with yarn, and it's related to the post. awesome.

i have pretty long hair.. like down to my waist. and bangs. i like my hair, but i rarely wear it down. that's mostly because i'm too busy running after a toddler, and it gets in the way... and in my past work experience, it had to be back most of the time anyways....

Source: fubiz.net via Rebecca on Pinterest

i do have a reason for this random post though... :) i need your help! i'm going to a wedding this weekend :) we're hopping on a plane tonight for a quick weekend trip to alberta. so fun! weddings as we know are already fun, especially for us parents who don't get a chance to have a night out too often... sooooo i want to style my hair and everything. the hubs and i have even decided to bring two outfits to the wedding! haha. one for the ceremony and one for the reception. which leaves also two options on styling!

i've been searching for tutes on how to style it without too much hassle, as i'm not all that practiced in making it look just right. and i've found that braids seem to be in...

fairly classic and simple, right?and probs good for the reception... maybe? i think i could handle it..
what do you think?

 and it's probably a good idea to wear it up for the reception anyways... (jeez, you'd think i was the bride!)
but what about for the ceremony? should i ponytail it!? 

hrmmm sigh. maybe i could just bring a personal hair dresser with me. (yah, i wish). i'm totally sounding like a diva. bahaha.
whatever i end up deciding, i promise it won't be this...

bahahah! could you imagine??

i seriously considered not bringing any knitting on the trip, but really... i think that's crazy talk. i'll bring it. we're only gone for about 50 hrs, and i bet i'll still find time to knit. :)

where are you off to this weekend? any jetsetters? be sure to remember your knitting!! seriously, if you have any tips for my locks, let me know! have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hey, about a year ago I saw this super cool video tute on YouTube for a gorgeous wedding hairstyle that was uber easy. Of course I never bookmarked it and so I'll have to just share with you what I remember. You put your hair up in a ponytail then do a loose fishtail braid (they are super easy) then you take a small (less than an 1/8 inch) chunk of hair and pull the fishtail up to the head and it makes those adorable loops that are so popular in wedding styles. All that is left is to use Rebecca Pins (ie Bobby Pins) to secure the loops and some hairspray and you're good to go!

    I hope that made sense. I've done it for my daughter and always get rave reviews on how cute her hair looks in a grown-up hairstyle.

  2. Hey! Braids are fun! I follow a "hair blog" and the stylist is really into braids right now...if you peruse her blog you'll find some great tutorials of super cute styles...she just did one a few weeks back on doing a halo braid. Have a blast and post pics! I get to see your sister tomorrow!!! So excited!!! Here is the link

    Rachel Verburg

  3. @Rachel. lucky you! i wish i could just see my sis tomorrow too.. then we could all hang out! thanks for the link, i'll check it out!


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