good morning!

and how was your weekend? did you get any crafting done? did anyone try out the tutorial? i'd love to see pictures if you did :)

i got some swatching done...

i'm excited for june, because i'm taking part in my first big kal (knit-a-long). we're knitting up cardi's for the summer!

shannon from the ah-maz-ing blog luvinthemommyhood is working on organizing it for us. she's so wonderful! xx

i've chosen to do the featherweight cardigan by hannah fettig. if you want to see more info on that, click here.
i am just trying to decide on the yarn... and i think more swatching needs to be done. i did a swatch with diamond luxury collection pima lino lace. on a 4.0mm needle. but i found this swatch  little too airy.. not very practical, and i know i'd get something caught on it... i would have to try another swatch with a smaller needle. i have 1275 meters of this yarn. or the other option is in using the classic elite yarns silky alpaca lace. of which i have 1840 yds. i am trying to swatch on a 3mm needle. so far i like how that looks. i know i know, i give you yards and meters to work with. silly me. how very canadian. :)
anyhoo, i feel bad that i didn't actually take any pictures of the swatches, but i've found some pics of the sweater. i did actually post a pic a few days ago, but for the sake of making this a little easier to follow, i'll just post a few pics here.

so cozy...

i like the 3 colour stripe idea...

remember this one?

and i do like this one too...

isn't this a lovely cardigan? i really do like it a lot. here's my little problem though. i seemed to have bought 2ply which isn't really a problem in itself... because the pattern calls for it... so that's all fine and good. but (and this part is kind of a problem) pretty much all of these photos that i love oh so much are knitted up in a slightly heavier weight yarn. like a 3 or 4ply.  so what am i to do? i suppose the 2 ply on a smaller needle will work, as long as i have enough yarn, because i'd like the make the cardi with longer sleeves...
ahah oh the stresses of knitting!

anyone have any tips for me? ah well. i know i 'll figure it out... maybe i'll make 2 of them!

i'll just remember to remember this no matter what happens, right?

how is your monday morning treating you? what did you get up to on the weekend? was it enjoyable? leave me a comment, and any tips you have on my knitting delima, please i'd love to hear from you!

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