sample knit! - Alluvial Plains

I had the pleasure not too long ago, to help mudpunch finish a sample. The fact that we had a very similar gauge with this shawl made this such an easy project to pick up and finish quite quickly. 

That and the most divine yarn. :) Chantel aka mudpunch also has a knack for pairing the most perfect patterns with her yarns. Alluvial plains by Karen MaCall is no exception! 

This pattern is a fantastic match for her speckles and bits set. Don't you agree?

The only mod made with this pattern is the needle size. Chantel opted for a 4mm/US 7. The pattern calls for a 5mm./US 8.  Though this resulted in a smaller shawl , the drape was not sacrificed at all with the smaller needle. Honestly, this yarn is so smooth! 

This pattern is very well written, and has clear instructions throughout. There are lots of "checkpoints" so you can be sure you're on track. The new yarns added are added on both sides, so this really makes for a reversible shawl. You can't tell between the right and wrong sides at all. 
I also really love the picot edging to it. It creates a nice, dainty finish. 

The yarn used in this sample is Mudpunch Vibrant Fingering.  If you remember the Quicksilver sample I knit up for her, you'll also remember just how much I love this yarn. The set used is the blue eyed hex. I totally love this colour combo! It makes me think of summer. LOVE!  I believe Chantel knit up probably half of the shawl, maybe just over, and I finished it up for her. To be honest, I loved knitting this so much that I was a little sad that it was over so quickly! LOL. 

I highly recommend knitting this pattern. It was interesting enough not to bore at all. And the short rows made for quick colour changes. All in all, I used 581 yds. See my Ravelry page for specifics on each colour. 

I don't think I'll ever grow tired of knitting shawls. I love them so much! Want to snag a set of these yarns for yourself?? Check out Chantel's online shop.  

Do you have a favourite shawl pattern on the needles? Do share!! xo


  1. Ahhh, this shawl is gorgeous!! Beautiful work!

    1. Thank you so much, Evelyn! I'm pretty sure I'll need one of these for myself as well ;) xo

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