Pink light - sample

I did another sample just a little while ago. This one is for Caterpillargreen yarns. Guys. I LOVE this colorway! And I know you already do too, if you've been on instagram at all.

Basically this shawl practically knit itself. I cast on and then 2 days later, it was done, and blocking. I absolutely love the flecks of pink in the greys. It was such a lovely thing to see them pop up! And of course, that pink! gah! SO vibrant!

The yarn is Caterpillargreen MCN fingering : shawl (self-striping) , colorway pink light. The sample used a 115g/4oz skein, and I used up as much as I possibly could.

It's a dream to knit with. The yarn holds great texture yet still has amazing drape. And it's really soft. So lovely!

The pattern is A Certain Darkness by Sylvia Bo Bilvia.
It's a fantastic pattern, and I highly recommend knitting it. I added the garter ridges randomly as suggested, only I just made sure not to do any garter ridges during a color change in the yarn. I also worked 10 rows of the pattern once I was into the final color change before working the final rows of garter and the picot edge. I used a US4/3.5mm needle.

I totally love that this sample is fully local! Dyer, designer, & sample knitter all in beautiful British Columbia. LOVE.

This yarn has just recently been added to Caterpillargreen's shop. I made sure to nab a larger skein of this colorway. I honestly loved knitting with it so much!

Whats your favorite self-striping yarn & shawl combo? I'd love to hear! xo

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