my ovaries hurt

So this happened this weekend....

And they are probably the cutest baby booties I think I've ever made. Which is easy to say, because I've only made one other pair..... and in all honesty they are pretty cute too...

But these are newer to me, and so more popular in my books right now. I love the simplicity of them! The options of color-work are pretty much endless. You can use solids, a different color for the cuff, or even a variegated yarn would work too!

Ok I'm sure you want to knit your own, so here are the details:
pattern: Rolled Cuff Baby Booties by Nickie Alexander
Yarn: basically I just searched the stash for anything worsted or dk.. even though the pattern calls for aran, I think you can use almost anything. Just hold double if it's fingering, and adjust for size..
       BUT the ones above from left to right are knit with  - mineville wool project  in i believe merino DK in bright moss & cauldron  and the other pair is knit with - plucky knitter traveler aran in honey wilkes, & madtosh 80/10/10 worsted in fog.

Personally, I think i like the tighter gauge, and I' already such a loose knitter. The larger of the two pairs is knit with US9/5.5mm & US8/5mm and the other pair is knit with US5/3.75mm and US6/4mm  .  Both sizes are knit in the 3 month size. There's a lot of stretch to them too. Especially the larger pair, so I'm sure they'd fit much bigger than 3 months.

One thing that was a bit confusing to me at first, is the designer calls M1R equal to M1B when I actually would call M1R the same as M1F. I realize maybe understanding that the needle goes into the BACK of the stitch (then you’d knit into the front, making a M1R) but when I first learned the increases I understood that you would label Back or Front based on which side of the stitch you’d be KNITTING into, not picking up.
at any rate, I figured it out just fine. And I think they are the most adorable booties ever. EVER. Such a fantastic way to use up bits of yarn. :) This will definitely be a go-to pattern for me! 

Sadly, the mineville with this base I used isn't being produced anymore, as far as I understand. I wish that I would have bought my LYS' stash of it before they sold out. I'd totally knit a sweater out if it, it's so lovely!

At any rate, my plan today is to search for more yarn and colorways to add to this adorable collection! Do you have a favorite baby bootie pattern? Do tell! xo


  1. So, so cute! Looks like the rollover cuff would help them stay on, too. I have two little ones, and in my experience, tighter gauge is better for booties -- less likely to fall off!

    1. Hi Jodi! Yes, I feel like the rollover cuff will help a lot with keeping the bootie on :) xo


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